The best private schools in London, colleges for students and students. List of institutions, tuition fees

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The best schools in London are divided into public and private, foreign students take second courses. Private schools in London are distinguished by high industry ratings, modern equipment, developed internal infrastructure, beautiful campuses, comfortable living conditions for Russian children of different ages, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, and other foreigners. In a city it is not likely to study cheaply - the cost of studying with living in schools is expensive, but in the suburbs of the capital there are a number of options with more economical prices, for example,Cambridge Tutors College in Croydon. You can find prices for schools and educational programs in the list of schools below.

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Private schools in London: the classification of educational institutions

You will find a list of educational institutions on the Smapse website, private institutions are divided into several types: pre-schools teach kids 4 to 7 years, preparatory schools are attended by students 7 to 11 years, and in specialized educational institutions for boys the program provides training for up to 13-year-olds Age.

лучшие школы Лондона

Schools of the category public or private accept for training of teenagers from 11 or 13 years, and they study here up to majority (18 years). The last two classes in such institutions are preparatory - training on the Sixth form allows you to effectively prepare for entering the university. International colleges accept for training from the 10th grade of the British system - GCSE.

Best institutions - how to choose?

There are many prestigious establishments in different educational levels in London, and every parent wants to choose the very best for their child. What are they, elite schools and international colleges of London? Educational institutions and language courses of this category have a number of features.

In the best educational centers, foreign students, above all, master English in perfection. Secondly, their attention is offered a wide choice of subjects and disciplines, directions for self-development. English courses in London are usually held in small classes under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Admission and tuition fees in private schools in London

Most British private schools accept foreign students if they have a place. Therefore, even if your child does not have a very high level of knowledge of English, he can still do so if there is a financial opportunity for training. However, for more productive studies, it is better to poison a child abroad with no zero knowledge of English, otherwise the young student will be quite difficult.

For admission to the English private school in London, the applicant must fill out a special form on the institution's website, and then prepare and send to the school admission committee the following package of documents:

  • the student's report card for the last 2-3 years
  • Characteristics of the student (usually from teachers of mathematics and English)
  • the results of the language test (should be not less than 4.5 IELTS points)
  • motivational essay on behalf of the student, where he tells why he wants to get into this school.

Sending documents is best not less than 8-9 months, and better - a year before the start of training. In addition, it is considered normal abroad to send applications not to one educational institution, but at once to several, in order to increase their chances for admission.

The cost of studying in England is considered one of the highest, if it is a question of studying the language in English-speaking countries. And directly in private boarding schools in London, as a rule, the highest prices in Britain. But we hasten to assure you that here you can find more budgetary options with suitable parameters.

On average, the prices for an annual education in an English private school are in the range of 15 to 40 thousand British pounds (in total, with living expenses). There is also a list of additional costs: medical insurance, a school registration fee, a visa and, of course, pocket expenses for the student himself.

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