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Education in the best primary and secondary schools in London, as in all of England, is classified according to certain criteria, and one of the main is the age of students. So, secondary schools are full cycle and classical: in the first are children aged 3 to 18 years, the second are students:

  • from the age of 7 (Junior schools), the educational program provides for preparation for Common Entrance Examination, according to which children are admitted to senior classes,
  • from 11 years (Secondary schools). They are divided, in turn, into regular and Grammar schools, the latter offer educational programs with in-depth study of subjects.

After the 8.9.10 grade students enter the GCSE program, after which they receive a certificate of incomplete secondary school education. After the 10th grade, it is possible to apply for the A-level program - a 2-year training course with the most top-ranked and prestigious universities in London and throughout the UK. After the 11th grade for Russian children, teenagers and foreign students, the accelerated one-year program of pre-university preparation of the Foundation is provided.

The educational institutions are classified as a whole and by type of instruction. In the capital there are mainly mixed educational institutions, they take on the education of girls and boys. In institutions of this type, children from early age learn to cooperate and communicate with the opposite sex - it is believed that joint instruction increases children's motivation for self-development, stimulates their ambition.

All modern language schools in London , regardless of type and specialization, have advanced equipment, have all the necessary technical resources to support the learning process. But the main pride of educational institutions are pedagogical collectives -English teaching in London among the best teachers is bearing fruit in the form of high exam results of graduates.

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