Children's language courses in the camps of London for children, schoolchildren, teenagers. List of schools and cost

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For you, we have prepared a list of the most optimal educational institutions offering holidays and camps for children in London, where Russian and foreign students, schoolchildren, teenagers can study. You can choose the English courses you like in London (pay attention to the cost and reviews), and our specialist can help to make a choice.

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Features of summer programs in the camps of London

Many people send their children to Britain for their knowledge of English. The capital of the country and its suburbs offer a huge number of fascinating camps that involve the use of communicative teaching methods: it allows students of all ages and any level of basic training to start communicating in English from the first lesson.

The programs of English in London last for an average of 2-4 weeks (as in children's camps in Switzerland ) - the standard term for foreign students in the city. Most often, students come to the British capital for a vacation.

Language training in the capital: excellent rest with benefit

The most popular English courses abroad - 2-4 weeks of intensive training combined with active and cognitive rest. Combined programs are offered for children in special schools, they can have a different orientation: in some, the emphasis is on sports (rugby, horse riding, football, golf, etc.): in others, on excursion tourism for studying the history of England, customs, Traditions of the British.

There are also two options to choose from:

  • with accommodation
  • without residence (comes out cheaper by about 2 times) - In cases where children come to the capitals with parents, adult accompanying, guardians
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