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Study in London. 30 top schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in London for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

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London is a well-known educational center of Europe and the world, many high schools and universities are open here. Studying in the British capital or seasonal English courses in London for schoolchildren - profitable investments in their own future, the education obtained here is a solid step on the way to a career. maybestudy abroad after 9th grade , master's or doctoral degree, refresher courses, undergraduate and other programs.

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Secondary education in London

For many foreign students, including Russian students, education in the UK and London begins with high school. Urban schools work according to the generally accepted national scheme, divided into several stages:

  • A nursery or kindergarten (3-4 years) - at the request of the parents
  • Elementary classes (5-11 years)
  • Middle classes (11-14 years)
  • GCSE program , completion of incomplete secondary education (14- 16 years)
  • Sixth Form courses (16-18 years): these are university preparation programs - A-level , IB, Foundation , Cambridge Pre-U [ 999.18]
  • Higher education (bachelor's, master's, doctorate).

In Britain, secondary education is compulsory for children 5-16 years: up to 5 years and after 16 years the child together with parents can make the choice himself Ways of development and learning.

Schools in London are traditionally divided into public (free for the subjects of the United Kingdom, linked to the place of residence of the family) andprivate (paid and quite expensive, but open to all foreigners).

In Britain, most private schools are boarding schools, that is, offering children on campus accommodation during training. In London, private boarding schools also exist, but here there are some differences. Students are often offered accommodation in host families, not in common residences: the cost of land in London is fabulously high, so even elite schools in the nearby suburbs can not always afford large campuses and large residence houses. Nevertheless, the equipment of schools remains at a very high level: interactive and language equipment, electronic resources and online learning platforms, large libraries, own theaters and creative studios, sports equipment and facilities. The big plus of schools in London is the proximity to all the infrastructure facilities of the English capital. For children, useful and interesting excursions are always arranged, visits to theaters and cinema, sightseeing, shopping; Including students have the opportunity to visit other European cities thanks to the excellent transport connections from the capital - for example, the journey to Paris takes only a few hours.

The London schools can be located both in the center of the city, and in calm respectable areas (in Russia they would be called "sleeping"), and in the nearest suburbs. Here are some examples of successful, ranked and popular capital private schools:

Takes children from 14 years of age and specializes in middle and high school, university preparation (GCSE, A-level, Foundation, BTEC, additional courses of academic English). One of the best and most prestigious schools of the renowned Abbey network is the guarantor of quality and the highest level of service. Abbey DLD College London - in the top 3 London schools on academic achievement among high school students.

Teaching children 14-20 years old, preparing for universities. A total of 250 people, most of them foreigners: many programs are specially adapted for foreign students, there are various language courses (including Academic English and EFL). He is a member of the Top 5 Colleges for High School Students in London, and in 2014 received the highest British award in the field of education - Queen's Award for Enterprise.

One of the best and largest school of the Bellerbys educational network: more than 500 people study here, and 100% are foreign students. Specialization is preparation for the university, pre-GCSE and GCSE programs are also taught (for international students it is possible to study on the international version of the IGCSE), as well as a one-year bachelor's program and a pre-Masters program. Regularly included in the TOP-30 of British private schools.

Training programs for children aged 13-17. The school is just 16 kilometers from the center of London and has its own residences for children, as well as a large green and well-groomed campus with a rich infrastructure - this is a classic British high-school boarding school. The emphasis is on the lessons of art, creativity and culture: drama and acting skills, music art are particularly distinguished.

Provides a full-fledged educational cycle for children 3-18 years old (foreigners are accepted from 11 years of age). Located in a respectable and prestigious Croydon area in the south of the capital, has a spacious green campus of 100 acres, provides comfortable residences for living at a boarding house.

One of the oldest and most prestigious, elite schools of Great Britain - founded in 1179, is in the most prestigious The central area of ​​Westminster. Teaches children from 7 to 18 years (full educational cycle): among similar schools is on the 1 place (based on the results of A-level) and the third place according to the results of GCSE.

A classic British male boarding house located in the central area of ​​the British capital. Provides training programs for children 7-18 years old, but among foreigners it is mainly popular as a preparatory center before enrolling in a university: the GCSE and A-level programs are taught. Like many boarding schools, Dulwich College has adopted a strict discipline and uniform.

Top private high school co-ed. Very well located: within walking distance of the bustling Notting Hill district, the spacious Hyde Park and the residence of Prince William and the Duchess of Katherine - Kensington Palace. Excellent GCSE and A-level programs with a large selection of subjects, the opportunity to undergo preparation for the UKCAT and BMAT profile exams, personal curators and tutors to prepare for admission to the chosen institution.999.97 999.98 999.99 Chelsea Independent College (Chelsea Independent College)

Located in the most prestigious historical district of London - Chelsea. It is known for the high quality of pre-university preparation: not only classical A-level programs and GCSE, but also special training for medical schools and faculties, a special program for Oxbridge Prep applicants, and a Business Foundation thematic course. The level of academic achievement in the A-level program is above 85%.

One of the most privileged and elite men's hostels in the country and the world, a synonym for prestige and the highest quality Education and services. Among the graduates of Harrow School are representatives of monarch families, sons of famous politicians and businessmen, legendary poets and artists. The school adheres to strict discipline and historical uniform, it is strictly selective - the selection of entrants is conducted for 2-3 years (and sometimes even earlier) before the expected date of the beginning of studies.

Preparing for a university in London

As already mentioned, education after 16 years for pupils in the UK is not compulsory: a student can get a professional qualification and start working without a higher education. However, the universities of Britain year after year become only more popular: their diplomas are practically a pass to the world of the political, business elite of the world.

London provides students with a variety of opportunities for effective pre-university training - many private schools and colleges in the capital directly specialize in preparing for universities (see examples above). The following training programs are distributed:

  • A-level (16-18 years) - the gold standard of British education; Two-year complex and advanced course with the study of a limited number of subjects, giving the opportunity to enter even the best universities without entrance examinations
  • IB (16-18 years) - International Baccalaureate: studying a small list of selected subjects and major academic directions. The diploma is highly regarded around the world and accepted by all universities of the world
  • Cambridge Pre-U and Oxford Prep - special advanced and complex courses for prospective students of Oxford and Cambridge: the program is adapted to the requirements of these universities, takes into account all the specifics of renowned universities
  • Foundation (16 / 17-18 years) - one-year course of preparation for British universities: deepening of knowledge in subjects and intensive course of academic English. Accepted by most universities, except for the most ranking and elite (for example, Oxbridge)
  • BTEC - professional work qualification, which makes it possible to save a bit of time on training in bachelor's programs; It is especially useful for those who want to acquire a working specialty
  • Medical preparatory programs (for example, BMAT and UKCAT) - a special course for students planning to take the same test and enrolling in medical faculties and schools
  • Specialized, thematic programs for admission to certain faculties and specialties: for example, business, veterinary medicine, architecture, art and creativity, etc.

Variants of pre-university education in the London training Schools mass - voice your preferences to our consultants, and we will pick up for you the optimal and effective option.

Higher education in London, the best universities in the capital

Universities in London are also represented in a huge choice: almost any specialty is available - both classical (philology, jurisprudence, international business, medicine) and innovative (molecular biology, nanotechnology, modern power engineering, robotics). A wide range of traditional educational programs - bachelor (3-4 to 6 years), master and MBA (1-2 years), postgraduate programs, doctoral studies (1-1.5 years) are presented. There are also opportunities for a translation for Russian students who have already completed 1-2 courses in Russian universities: various versions of the University Transfer Program, Diploma. But you need to be prepared for the fact that you will need to provide a report card with excellent grades and pass additional exams to the level of subject knowledge and English (usually this IELTS is not less than 5.5-6.0). Also available are a variety of short-term courses, continuing education programs in various specialties.

Here are some examples of rating and prestigious universities in the English capital:

Details and advantages of each, the choice of training programs and requirements To applicants for you to clarify our consultant.

Holiday and short-term study programs in London

A huge number of short-term programs, including interesting vacation courses , are offered for schoolchildren from all over the world who are just planning to enter the schools, colleges and universities of London. Basically, these options combine a universal, intensive English language course and leisure-entertainment program: creativity, sports, art, excursions to the most famous sights of London, England and the UK as a whole.

Short-term programs for children and pupils can be conducted on the basis of famous large private institutions (for example,the children's camp of the University of Brunel , The Millrow Summer School , Harrow Summer School ) can be supervised by well-known educational networks (Pilgrims Harrow School , [ 999.13] Bell St. Albans School, St Giles Junior summer London ). Seasonal sports academies are also very popular, for example, the famousTottenham Football Camp (Tottenham Football Camp) . Some educational institutions offer seasonal thematic courses aimed at studying certain areas of knowledge and training in subjects - it is worth notingINTO St George's University of London (summer course in medicine). There is an opportunity to go to a comprehensive course for the child and the parent, choose a rich excursion program (such an opportunity is provided by Bucksmore Three Capitals ).

The cost of training in schools and universities in London

The cost of training depends on the type of institution, the length of the curriculum, and reputation, and the rating of the institution is also important.

The cost of secondary education in private schools in London is quite high - one trimester (in the academic year there are three) will cost an average of £ 5,200 to £ 12,500 (usually living is already included in this cost). The spread is quite large: our experts will help you navigate the sea of ​​offers and choose the best option for both quality and cost.

The cost of staying on seasonal courses for children and teenagers ranges from 560 to 1350 pounds per week. As a rule, this cost is "all inclusive" - ​​with accommodation and meals, a leisure program, additional options and sightseeing tours, surcharges on short-term courses are minimal.

Studying abroad at the university costs an average of 15,000 pounds a year for students, and the cost does not include the cost of living, food, transportation, personal living Costs, etc. Its cost, compared to that in Russia and the CIS, is high, but given the liquidity of the knowledge acquired, investments are fairly considered to be beneficial.

Learn in London on preferential terms

Studying in Britain for Russian and foreign students can be less expensive - scholarships and grants allow to lower the costs for it. The latter can be spent on paying for educational services, accommodation, transportation costs, etc. Scholarships for foreign students studying English in London are not only an affordable way to save money, but also serve as an excellent motivation for diligent learning and academic achievement.

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