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Study in Latvia is an excellent opportunity to get a European education at an affordable price. One of the pearls of the Baltic is open to foreign students, anyone can study here today. All that is necessary for this is to choose the right institution and program: the list of educational institutions presented in this section will help you to do both.

Smapse offers to your attention the most popular, rating institutions in Latvia: we cooperate with reliable partners, which allows us to guarantee the quality of educational services and services. Latvian education can be obtained in high school, koledza, augstskola. Also in our catalog you will find centers for learning foreign languages. The latest programs for teenagers and adults are offered. We recommend rating language schools that operate year-round or only during the holidays.

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Study in Latvia: Latvian, Russian and English

Today, education in Latvia can be obtained in Latvian, Russian, English. Our catalog presents options that offer both state and international programs. The latter allow you to choose the language of instruction, but a number of subjects will have to be taught in Latvian (according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education of the country).

Study in Russian foreign students can in private secondary schools, colleges and universities. Also in institutions of this category are offered programs in English. Education in Latvia is available in Russian and in language schools, general and specialized courses are offered. The first will suit those wishing to learn Russian for personal purposes (for communication in everyday life). The second we recommend those wishing to be educated in educational institutions at the appropriate courses. Also, specialized programs are aimed at professionals, for example, teachers.

Foreign students can study in the country in any of the institutions listed in the catalog on an equal footing with the citizens of the country: this applies both to the payment of the program and the opportunity to optimize costs for Scholarship receipt account.

Study in Latvia in our time is promising and in demand. The experts of SMASS have collected in this section of the catalog proven, prestigious schools and other institutions that guarantee the quality of services.

Choosing a school and program

For those wishing to study in the Baltic state, we have developed a convenient form of selection of an educational institution and program. In the left panel of the catalog you will find a search block that allows you to sort institutions by the type of the program and the language of instruction at the same time. Also in the section there is a possibility to choose the type of institution.

Did not find the suitable school, institution, program in the catalog? Our specialists will select them for you individually. You can ask questions to the experts of SMANS by e-mail, telephone (calls from Russia to the multichannel line are free of charge).

Also on-line consultations are offered to those wishing to book their studies in Latvia. Selection of the program with the help of our specialist in the online chat mode will save time, get answers to current questions regarding the organization of the trip, payment of the course, registration of necessary documents, etc.

Studying in Latvia is a solid step towards a future successful career. We will help you to choose a direction, educational institution, a program that best suits your academic needs.

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