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Studying a foreign language abroad, as practice shows, is much more effective than in your country (at courses or with a personal tutor). Nowadays, many language schools abroad offer their services to foreign students: they are located in different countries, including the most exotic.

There are numerous training centers in both large cities and small towns, even popular resort areas. The location provides the opportunity to combine the educational program with vacations or tourism.

Schools for children and adults accept students for full-time language courses abroad , they also offer programs with accommodation in the residence with full board. When choosing a center for studying English abroad , these options should be considered, so that education goes as comfortable as possible.

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Language schools abroad: types of courses, advantages of educational institutions

The Smapse specialists have prepared a catalogue of education institutions offering effective educational programs. In the catalogue on our website you will find educational institutions of the following types:

  • local language centers (that are working on the territory of a particular country or region);
  • international network schools (that have a rather developed branch network).

The directory contains information about trusted service providers - we recommend only those institutions and programs that have been verified by our experts and offer high quality education.

The local centers represented in the catalogue, as a rule, have their own special atmosphere. They offer learning a foreign language with a great deal of immersion into the cultural, linguistic and academic environment of a particular region, the education takes into account national characteristics of an area. Studying in such schools is a perfect solution if you want your child to learn, for example, not just Spanish, but also to acquire communication skills in a Castilian dialect.

The catalogue formed by Smapse specialists includes a large number of international institutions: top-rated and prestigious educational institutions are open for foreign students all year round. Above all, any international center provides an intercultural environment.

Another distinctive feature of language schools abroad is the uniformity and integrity of programs in branches located in a country – therefore, by choosing such center, a student can travel to different regions, cities and towns without stopping his education.

Select language school abroad by country

On our website you can select language schools abroad by various parameters. One of the main parameters is the country of education. Our catalogue allows you to sort schools by country – In the left panel of this webpage you will find the appropriate filter.

When sorting language courses by country, you will be able to see all educational institutions of the specified type located on the territory of a particular state. On the webpage of particular language course or educational institution you can find detailed description as well as information about the institution and courses and programs that the school or university offers. We have done our best in order to select the best education options for you in Europe, North and South America, Canada, Australia – these options, offered by Smapse team, will provide you with the opportunity to learn languages in more than 30 countries all over the globe.

We recommend only verified educational centers. Our specialists visit every language school in United Kingdom, the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Malta, France, Spain, Austria, Canada and many others, and judging by the requests of students and experts, they select the most popular destinations. Every year more and more institutions start collaborating with the Smapse project.

Choosing a language school abroad

In the Smapse catalogue it is possible to select language courses or schools according to the specifics of education programs.

We recommend our clients only the world's best schools for children (year-round courses, summer camps, special vacation programs), adolescents (long courses, vacations in a selected country, preparation for tests and examinations), adults. All types of programs provide full immersion into the linguistic, academic and cultural environment. Language courses for adults are divided into several categories: students are offered standard or intensive language courses, they can take up professional courses with a focus on a professional sphere, or they can study business vocabulary and basics of business negotiations. Moreover, there are special language courses that combine linguistic education with tourism or internships in educational institutions.

In the Smapse catalogue you will also find education centers offering exchange programs. They are designed in order to provide their students additional level of immersion into the linguistic environment, as during education the students live and study in some school or university of another country! This is a perfect opportunity to get yourself acquainted with several cultures and languages at a time.

For those who want to save their time in choosing we have developed a convenient search form, based on three parameters: country, type of program and language of education. You can enter these parameters for sorting in the left panel of the catalogue page.

Individual assistance in the selection of a specialized language program

So, you want to go to learn a foreign language, but you have no idea where to start a search of a language course or school? Our professional experts are at your service. We provide free consultations on the process of selection of educational institution and education programs. You can apply for consultation either by e-mail, telephone (multi-channel free line, call-back service), or via Skype.

Smapse website also has an online chat. Our specialists will gladly answer your questions about studying abroad in real time. Specialists of our company will help you select a country, a language center, an effective and interesting program with regard to your individual requirements and wishes.

You can also get expert advice on the organization of the trip. Collaboration with the Smapse team will allow you to optimize the time, effort and money spent on obtaining visa, tickets, and preparing for a trip (including finding accommodation options, entertainment programs in the country of destination). We will recommend you effective courses in a certified school, take on the organization of the trip and support the learning process in any of the countries represented in our catalogue.

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