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Language courses abroad for teenagers and adults. The best language schools abroad for foreigners: list, fees, ranking

Education information

Command of a foreign language today is practically a necessity. Language courses abroad (the most popular are English courses abroad) help students, as well as anyone who wants to travel, when moving to another country for the purpose of training (for example, getting secondary education abroad or university studies), work, while the school level is clearly not enough. Do you need to learn the language quickly and comfortably? Foreign courses will help: they allow you to adapt to the new environment, develop skills necessary for daily communication or solving special tasks.

Choose the best option for studying at language courses abroad, you can by using our catalog. Smapse experts have collected for you a list of proven schools and centers offering their English courses abroad in different countries and regions (other languages are also available). In the catalog you can choose English courses abroad (in England, USA, Europe, Latin America, Canada, Australia), French, German, Spanish (the full list is presented in the catalog on the left panel of this page).

English for adults abroad can be studied from 1 week to a year - the programs are aimed at students of different ages. We have included programs for children, teenagers, adults, programs can be passed by beginners and professionals. Institutions offer options for students with any level of basic training. Also popular are seasonal and vacation English courses abroad: for example, summer language courses, winter holidays + foreign language studies and others.

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Specification of details

Preparations abroad for different educational institutions are also different - for the selection of the optimal program it will be necessary to study the details of the set of sentences. You do not have time for this? Contact us and the SMAPSE experts will recommend you several training options in accordance with your requirements, wishes.

The SMAPSE catalog is a convenient and accessible tool for selecting the desired program.

Training options can be picked up quickly and completely free. Using the catalog on our website, you do not pay for the choice of programs, do not take risks at all, essentially save time. You do not need to study dozens of training centers and schools yourself: our experts have systematized the offers of service providers from around the world.

SMAPSE project is international: we directly cooperate with language schools and centers. Accordingly, the information presented in the catalog, you get first-hand. SMAPSE recommends only proven options for getting an education.

The company's specialists are also always ready to advise clients on the selection of educational programs. To get expert help, contact us in any convenient way. At your service e-mail, Skype, telephony, convenient online chat. Consultations by any of these methods are provided free of charge.

Language courses abroad: popular destinations and cost

Programs are classified according to several criteria. There are the several types of programs among the most popular language courses abroad

  • Intensive - a minimum of 24 lessons per week, emphasize the development of communication skills through discussion of current events, communication with native speakers, studying vocabulary, grammar, syntax. Provide programs and performance of oral, written assignments, training of reading skills.
  • Standard - designed for 10-20 lessons per week. The emphasis is on expanding the vocabulary, learning the basics of grammar, developing communication skills.
  • Examination - allow you to acquire the skills necessary to pass international tests of various levels, for example, preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, Cambrige exam.
  • Special - focused on professionals in various fields (pedagogy, business, Medicine, jurisprudence, etc.).

Program fees. The cheaper destinations:

  • Inexpensive, you can study at Malta (from 100 to 200 euros per week), in Spain (from 130 to 200 euros per week). A number of budget schools are in England (but living there will cost more).

Courses for children are most often represented by international language camps on the all-inclusive basis, with accommodation, full board meals, excursions, sports activities and transfers.

You can select any of the presented programs in the SMAPSE directory: English courses abroad, as well as programs in other languages, are represented by a variety of options.

Языковые курсы за рубежом

Do you need language courses abroad?

Do you doubt which language courses to choose abroad? We suggest you to answer a few simple questions to dispel doubts. So:

  1. Do you learn a foreign language for more than a year in your country, and understanding and speaking do not go to the right level?
  2. Are you slowly progressing?
  3. Have you encountered a language barrier?
  4. Have you tried to learn a foreign language, but did not achieve the desired results?
  5. Classes at a course with a tutor are too expensive?
  6. Do you like cramming or prefer an exciting educational process?
  7. Would you like to go deeper into the language environment and start learning from scratch?

If you answered "yes" to 3 or more questions, study languages abroad - a rational choice and an effective alternative to local centers or tutors. Language courses abroad are invariably more effective and interesting than the best language school in your country.

How to choose a program?

We recommend choosing language courses abroad in the following way.

Setting the goal

Anyone who wants to do so must first determine the purpose of studying it, this will allow choosing the type and level of the program correctly. Curricula for those wishing to start communicating from scratch, improve knowledge and skills, prepare for an international exam or entry, for example, to a university, are different. A professional approach to selection will save time in the preparation for the trip. In our catalog you will be able to pick up English courses abroad (as well as other languages) in accordance with your level of foreign language and taking into account your academic goals. A filter according to the type of the curriculum is available in the left panel of the page.

Choice of place of study

Preparation can be done in a specialized school, private center, college or school or you can choose language camps abroad for training. In our catalog you can choose the appropriate option for the type of priority educational institution, choose a seasonal program (for example, a summer or winter camp abroad).

Языковые программы для детей и взрослых за рубежом

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