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Japan is rightly called a country of contrasts, it draws the attention of foreigners to a multitude of contradictions. In many cities of the country, ancient temples coexist with banks and business centers, houses built 100-200 years ago, today are surrounded by skyscrapers, Renaissance bridges are replaced by hanging highways with huge capacity, modern asphalt pavements often lead to parks and stone gardens.

The distinctive features of the country are the accentuated accuracy and clarity of the lines - this can be seen from the aircraft. In the country, 99% of the objects have exact geometry: fields, parks, microdistricts of cities and metropolitan areas, private houses and huge plants. Modern Japan is unique without exaggeration: it has a rich cultural heritage, many cities of the country are open-air museums, each has its own deep philosophy, the acquaintance of which will not leave any tourist indifferent.

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The knowledge of the language will not interfere with the journey, and many people teach it today for commercial purposes. Japanese among the eastern languages ​​occupies a worthy place, and its popularity in the world is growing. Learning Japanese is best in his homeland: it not only provides a powerful theoretical base, but also allows you to gain experience in communicative practice.

Teaching allows you to understand the culture, get acquainted with the intricacies of customs and the peculiarities of the traditions of the country - in a commercial environment this knowledge makes it possible to learn the essence of business and management.

The Country of the Land of the Rising Sun is considered one of the most difficult - except Moreover, his study is not cheap. On average, the monthly rate (with flight, accommodation) costs 200 thousand rubles. But at the same time six months of studying Japanese allow you to master it at a level sufficient for entering the university and mastering the academic program, as well as for work in a national company, free communication with partners from an Asian country.

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