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Many people dream of visiting Italy. This is a brilliant prospect for adults and children - there is everything that is interesting at any age. The most ancient and beautiful country with a magnificent nature, famous for many great names: Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, it is simply impossible to enumerate all.

The unique atmosphere of the mysterious antiquity has been preserved here until now. Great monuments of architecture, art, history, carefully preserved by the country, intertwine with the cultural traditions and customs of many peoples of the world. This extraordinary intellectual and aesthetic wealth attracts tourists from all over the globe to the country.

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Children's summer camps and vacation in Italy - the benefit and pleasure

A magnificent gift for your child - a vacation in the camp, mixed with language learning. Modern schoolchildren love to explore the world, and no one will refuse to stay in language camps. They are located in the picturesque corners of the country: on the seashore, among pine forests or in the mountains, there is everything for comfortable rest and comprehensive development of adolescents, for their education and communication.

Luxury vacation, during which you can learn not too complicated, melodic Italian speech, communicating with its carriers, traveling around the country, enjoying the beauty of nature, the Mediterranean sun and cultural heritage - this has not happened recently and dreamed of. Now our children have such an opportunity, and you can not not use it if you want your child to become a "citizen of the world".

Learning and fun under the sun is great

As an example, the language camp Lignano. It has a program that combines perfectly organized rest, practice and serious theoretical training: phonetics, grammar and everything that goes into teaching any language. This technique gives excellent results.

Twenty-five-minute lessons per week do not tire at all, they are interesting, in an interactive game style. By the end of the course, the children simply do not know: they speak excellent Italian and at the same time look rested, tanned, healthy.

Летний лагерь для детей в Италии

Not only training

But still, vacations are vacations, and the camp organizers do not forget about it. Children and adolescents can attend "afternoon activities" according to their taste: various creative activities, including music, dance, ceramics, master local cooking, go on sightseeing tours.

On the territory of the center of Lignano there is a swimming pool and playgrounds, near the sea - anything for the soul and health!

When leaving the school, students get acquainted with the sights of the country, with pleasure tasting Italian cuisine . A wonderful surprise for any child will be the famous carnival in Venice.

Camps for football fans

But language centers are not all that Italy can offer to its young guests. Football lovers will be delighted with the academy in a country famous for their football traditions.

Milan Soccer Camp , a summer football center located in several places depending on the dates of arrival (including: Venice, Cortina -d'Ampezzo, Vicenza, Jesolo Lido), offers two programs for children and adolescents:

  • "football and culture" - football training combined with excursions around the country,
  • "football and language learning", including sports and training.

Not only boys but also girls are eager to come here. Football skill here does not matter: not only almost professional players are accepted, but also those who do not know how to play football, but want to learn.

Experienced sports teachers from among the coaches of the Italian higher league are engaged with the guys. They help everyone to show their abilities and feel like a football star.

The schedule is flexible, and each student can choose a convenient schedule of training.

The camp in Italy will be a tremendous vacation for your child, which will bring him great impressions, pleasure and great benefits. Such a vacation will be remembered all my life!

Детские футбольные лагеря

Prices for summer language camps in Italy

Cost in most cases includes a full range of services, including curriculum, school materials, accommodation, meals, regular excursions and activities, sports games, transfers (at certain times, but not all schools), and insurance. Depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the school, the option of accommodation, the price for everything varies on averagefrom 550 to 1000 euros per week.

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