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Study in Italy. Top 50 schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in Italy for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

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Refined and vibrant Italy attracts foreigners with Russian architecture, music, fashion, cuisine and the opportunity to receive a quality European education. The national diploma is recognized in the EU and many countries of the world. - this makes the country's universities attractive for foreign students: an increasing number of Russians consider studying in Italy as ideal for schooling.

Obtaining a diploma in its regions and provinces makes it possible to combine study with tourism, because there are a lot of sights on the territory of the state. During the school and university training, the student can get to know a country that is called the cradle of civilization.

Admission and enrollment services in Italian schools through our company - are free of charge. We are not intermediaries . We can also help you with discounts, scholarships for training, if the child / schoolchild currently has excellent academic performance.

Study in Italy. Top 50 schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in Italy for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

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The education system in Italy

The system is of high quality and more modest cost compared to the promoted British, Swiss, German. Education is predominantly in the national language, but foreign students can also study in English: in some private schools, universities, teaching is conducted in an international language.

The Italian educational structure is represented by preschool, secondary and university. Foreigners can study in the country in international or private schools - the latter have a number of advantages: in particular, it concerns the conditions of study, residence (boarding), custody, leisure activities.

The schools of the boarding schools of Italy offer a program similar to the state one. The initial stage of education lasts 5 years, children usually enter school from the age of 6, study writing, reading, Italian, mathematics, music and a number of other subjects, at will pupils study religion. At the end of the five-year course examinations are given and the students are given the first diploma.

After primary school, children receive secondary education . The program provides for two steps: the first lasts 3 years, the second - 5 years. The three-year school cycle provides for the study of basic (basic) subjects, exams are given on its results (knowledge is evaluated on the basis of the "surrendered-not handed over" principle).

The second cycle of middle classes implements private schools in Italy of various specializations. Classical lyceums emphasize the humanitarian direction, linguistic students study languages ​​profoundly, the history of civilization, technical and professional lyceums allow them to obtain qualifications in other branches of knowledge.

It is worth noting Italian language schools: here foreigners can learn the language and gain knowledge of art and design. In most schools, various special courses are offered to students. Schools of language specialization allow foreigners to prepare for the CILS exam, which makes it possible to assess knowledge at several levels.

The first, domestic, enough for a temporary stay in the country. The second level of CILS allows you not to pass a language exam separately when entering Italian universities. The third increases the chances of finding a job in the country. CILS IV testifies to the impeccable possession of Italian.

The system of higher education in the country is represented by non-university and university sectors - the latter is vertically and horizontally developed. Attention of foreign applicants is offered a large number of disciplines, courses. Non-university sector provides an opportunity to obtain professional qualifications in the field of culture, art, design.

Advantages of training

  • Training is available in Italian and English - in the second case, the entrant must confirm the level of proficiency by passing TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Italy is the first country in the world in the quality of academic training in fashion, design, Technologies.
  • Italian can be learned here faster than in any other country, immersion in the language environment contributes to the mastery of linguistics.
  • Upon successful study at the university, a scholarship is possible.
  • In the non-university and university sector, a system of grants is distributed, which are awarded not on the basis of nationality, but on academic achievements.
  • Studying at a school or university is cheaper than in most European countries and the USA (for example, it is much more accessible than study in Switzerland ).

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