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Education in schools of Ireland for children and schoolchildren. Studies after 8, 9, 10 classes: prices

Education information

Irish secondary schools are accepted for foreigners and Russian children and schoolchildren from the age of 12 (after 7,8,9,10 classes). Russian students are offered 2 options for staying and getting secondary education in the country: in daytime private schools (with accommodation in a host family), in privateboarding houses (with accommodation in the residence on campus).

Upon completion of the middle and high school, foreigners can enter universities on equal terms with the citizens of the country, entrance exams do not surrender. Applicants with a Russian certificate can also enter the university. The main requirement is a high final score of the certificate (4,5+) and a TOEFL of 80.

Education in schools of Ireland for children and schoolchildren. Studies after 8, 9, 10 classes: prices

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Irish school education: opportunities, features, benefits

The country can get high-quality training of any level, corresponding to international standards. Training in one of the most interesting countries of Europe is preferred by many to combine with tourism, there is something to see.

The country is covered with legends and is full of historical sights. Here you will not find a region without ancient castles, ancient forts and fortresses, temple complexes. In addition, Ireland - it's velvet valleys and emerald green hills. The climate in the country is quite mild. Nature itself gave the country "eternal spring".

The country is known for its social well-being, and the locals are one of the friendliest nations in Europe. The cities and towns of the country are safe and perfectly suited for foreigners: they have developed infrastructure, they require relatively low expenses for housing, transport services and food.

National education attracts the ratio of price and quality. The educational model adopted in the country is virtually identical to the British one: in elementary school, children study up to 12 years, then go to the secondary school, which ends at the age of 17-18 and receive the Irish school leaving certificate - Leaving Certificate. Bachelor and Master's students receive in colleges, institutes and universities.

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