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Ireland is an original and unique country: friendly and friendly inhabitants, beautiful nature, mild climate, rich history and culture, unique music and cuisine. In addition, the Irish version of English is considered one of the most correct, literate and beautiful. The combination of these factors makes summer children's language camps in Ireland an attractive place to relax and educate students from all over the world. Summer vacations for schoolchildren and teenagers in Ireland will allow you to rationally combine a great holiday with effective teaching, communication in English with direct carriers.

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Options for training and living in children's youth camps

Even serious educational centers and universities offering high-quality, diverse education for adults are ready to open their doors for schoolchildren for the summer months. Many of them are majestic campuses with historical buildings of classical architecture - to study in such nice and comfortable, schoolchildren feel part of a large student fraternity. The entire education system in the country is controlled by the Ministry of Education, so there is no doubt about the quality and effectiveness of the proposed children's programs.

Accommodation can be arranged both in a common residence and in a host family. Residents of the country are friendly and hospitable people: you can not worry about the safety and comfort of your child. In addition, living in a family guarantees a constant, almost round-the-clock language practice - learning English will become even easier.

Holidays for youth in Ireland: Spend time cheerfully and profitably

As a rule, training programs in children's camps are of average intensity, usually 15 academic sessions per week (3 lessons per day). Thanks to well-designed curricula, this time is enough for intensive language learning - and at the same time, adolescents have enough time for leisure.

A lot of interesting and fun to spend time with the students a lot! For schoolchildren, a huge number of diverse group events are organized: sports games, quizzes, competitions and performances, music shows and joint screenings. In addition, this is an excellent option for curious student travelers: a rich culture and history form a lot of entertaining and educational excursions. Many students like long walks, as the calm, restrained beauty of this country is difficult to describe. In summer, the country hosts a lot of national festivals - music, culinary, folklore, dance - that's why you will not get bored with the students.

The Irish are quite a sporting nation. In the country there are both national British sports (horse riding, cricket, golf, rowing, rugby) and traditional variants distributed all over the world: swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and much more. In their free time, students can learn a new sport for themselves or practice their favorite hobby, improving their level of sports training. Most language schools that offer summer courses have their own necessary fields, sites, necessary equipment and equipment for classes.

The cost of studying in the summer camp in Ireland

As a rule, the price of staying in summer camp is formed by the "all inclusive" system: by paying the cost of the program, you provide your child with everything from accommodation and meals to excursions and optional classes. On average, a week of summer courses for children costs700-1100 € depending on the institution (its location, prestige and status) and the training program.

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