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30 best boarding schools in Ireland for children and students. List of top boarding schools in Ireland, description, ranking, prices

Education information

Prestigious average private boarding schools in Ireland allow you to receive the highest quality education, corresponding to traditional British standards; Secondary schools in Ireland - a real gift for every persistent, capable and attentive student. The educational system of Great Britain is a standard for many institutions around the world, and Irish bookings do everything possible to study here was convenient, effective and prestigious.

The boarding schools and schools in Ireland are well equipped: campuses are entire campuses with the latest equipment, developed infrastructure, ample opportunities for sports and creativity. Practically all the students besides the academic classes attend various clubs and clubs - this is a great opportunity to develop their talents and abilities: here they are striving for a comprehensive, full-fledged development of a harmonious personality. There are a lot of different competitions and competitions in the country, including the famous school orchestra review and the Duke of Edinburgh Prize. Participation in such events, available in almost all schools in Ireland - a chance to prove themselves, develop leadership skills, ability to take responsibility for their words and deeds, teamwork skills, cohesion and unity within the team.

Give yourself or your child an opportunity to study at a school, college or boarding school in Ireland! Especially for you, our company has gathered a number of accredited prestigious institutions for your acquaintance. Information about the institutions you can read by clicking on the photo or title. The detailed information on the prices and the description of training programs is accessible at pressing the program. If necessary, our specialist will guide you in a rich variety of the proposed options.

30 best boarding schools in Ireland for children and students. List of top boarding schools in Ireland, description, ranking, prices

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Tuition fees in private schools in the boarding houses of Ireland

The price of secondary education in Ireland in prestigious private schools with boarding and full board or family varies from 16,000 euros to 32,000 per year.

How do I apply for a boarding school in Ireland? What documents and knowledge are needed by the applicant

In order to enroll in a private Irish boarding school, not only a standard list of documents, but also certain language and academic knowledge will be required.

The main list of required documents for a foster family:

    [ 999.5] copy of the passport of the passport
  • school yearly scores (tablets) for the last 2 academic years + quarterly / trimester grades for the current academic year
  • language certificates (preferably as new as possible so that they are relevant)
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of English and mathematics, sometimes it is possible from the principal
  • motivation letter (not always)
  • registration forms and school forms
  • Skype interview or a personal visit to an educational institution

In addition to the above list, children It is also required to pass the internal tests of the school in mathematics and English to determine if the children are well prepared at the time of enrolling in a private school.

Please note that as the official representatives of most of the Irish private boarding schools, we help with the free selection and organization of admission to the desired schools for our students and clients.

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