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TOP-100 international language camps and schools abroad for foreign students that offer language courses on holidays

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Nowadays, spending holidays at international language camps is really popular among foreign students. Summer holidays at one of 100 best language camps abroad is a great opportunity for foreign students to combine effective studies and exciting rest. Camps provide thematic programs with a focus on sports, art, etc. Studying foreign language is the main aim at language camps. Full immersion into linguistic environment allows to quickly adapt to foreign atmosphere and improve command of language. Language camps provide a wide range of entertainment activities, excursions, walks.

Language schools abroad allow foreign students not only improve the skills of English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc., but also to find many friends from all over the world.

Language camps abroad is a great chance to get fluent foreign language, overcome language barriers and get essential experience of studying abroad. In addition, there are also summer camps near the sea where students can mix learning language with swimming and sunbathing.

Language schools and camps accept students during:

Language camps abroad accept students of different ages:

  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years - Young students are usually accompanied by an adult, and also are accepted for full board
  • 8, 9, 10 years - Students, many of whom go to a foreign language school for the first time, are usually formed into small groups of peers
  • 11, 12, 13, 14 years - Students are more independent and can organize their studies themselves: select intensive classes or with emphasis on a particular sport or subject
  • 15, 16, 17, 18 years - Students of this age usually have experience of travelling to camps abroad. They know their purposes for trip. Practically, senior students are focused on preparation for language tests, high school, academic specialty

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Features of seasonal language camps and schools abroad

Seasonal language camps have their own peculiarities. They are focused on not only academic classes, but also on development programs. At language camps students will not only learn to communicate in English or French, but also be able to do this regardless of the situation and cultural differences. Holidays abroad always bring a lot of bright impressions: exciting excursions, adventures, teamwork, games and much more.

Modern language camps and schools for international students offer a variety of leisure activities. Studying foreign language takes place during sports, excursions, active games, thematic meetings. Traditional lessons are also included in the programme of the camp abroad. At the same time, students gain confidence in communication, learn slang, improve their understanding of the language in different accents.

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11 countries to go to language camps and schools on holidays

Modern language camps and schools are open in major cities, resort areas, in the heart of European and Western countries. They are based on the campuses of boarding schools, colleges, universities. Nowadays, foreign students can spend their holidays in:

SMAPSE team recommends to choose language camps and schools not only by location, but also by specialization. International camps abroad offer classic studying and recreation programs. Specialized camps and schools will help develop not only conversational skills, but also physical or creative abilities.

Tuition fees at language camps and schools abroad

Modern foreign schools can offer getting secondary or higher education abroad. They have various preparation programs for academic examinations, college, university, effective language courses abroad.

Language camps include interactive teaching of a foreign language, leisure activities. Some camps are located on the sea where children can practice water sports.

As for prices, the cost depends on the country, school popularity, rankings and location. In general, the prices can range from 400 euros (for example, inexpensive to study in Malta) to 2000 euros per week (in the best camps in England, the USA, Switzerland).

Молодежные лагеря за границей

How SMAPSE can help you organize the trip?

SMAPSE will help you organize the whole trip. In order to arrange a travel to language camps abroad SMAPSE experts will ask you for a copy of the child's ID card. Then, together with our experts you will fill the registration form. Next, you will need to book tickets, and apply for a visa. SMAPSE also takes these questions and is ready to help you. SMAPSE services are free of charge.

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