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Nowadays, international children's camps abroad and any language camp for teenagers are chosen by many parents as places of rest for schoolchildren and students, they accept for children from 3-4-5 years , Provide thematic programs with a focus on sports, art, etc. Children in some camps abroad can either live alone or accompanied by an adult or a parent, and adults can also attend training programs. The main emphasis during the stay in the language camp for teenagers is on learning a foreign language with a full immersion on Wednesday, the program of the camp abroad is supplemented with entertainment activities, excursions, activites for youth.A language school abroad allows a child or adolescent not only to improve the skills of English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc., but also to find many friends - staying in an international group helps overcome communicative barriers.

Any children's center abroad and language camp for teenagers is open to representatives of all nationalities, communication in such an environment promotes rapid progress In the study of foreign speech and gives an invaluable experience of communication. In addition, this is a great chance to prepare for further training - for example,study abroad after grade 11. There are also summer camps abroad at sea - you can choose the direction of interest by the name of the city in the search on the left or from above, or around the country.

You can go to a language school or a language camp for teenagers for the following holidays:

summer camps , international centers
  • winter centers (new year and Christmas are not available in all, it is necessary to clarify additionally)
  • ]
  • the spring period
  • the autumn holidays
  • Международный летний лагерь за рубежом

    Youth camps abroad can accept children of different ages: (you can choose the right age in the advanced search at the top)

    • 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years - for the youngest (usually accompanied by an adult, but also children are accepted for full board)
    • 8 , 9,10 years - for young children, many of whom go to a foreign training center for the first time (quite often accompanied by or together with other children) 11,12,13,14 years - for schoolchildren with little experience of traveling around the tours and camps Abroad (mainly summer), most often independently (at this age, often selected either intensive classes, or with emphasis on a particular sport or subject)
    • 15,16,17,18 years - for teenagers and students, usually having experience traveling to camps abroad and knowing what they want from the trip and for what purpose they go (most often for training To language test, to high school, academic specialty)
    • buy a ticket to the children's camp you are interested in abroad for holidays you can on our portal, or pay directly to the school, having previously requested the availability of seats with us
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    Children's language camps abroad on the summer holidays for teenagers: learning through communication

    Camps on vacations have their own peculiarities: here in the first place are placed not academic classes, but development programs. Visiting an international center or a language camp for teenagers, the child will not only learn to communicate, for example, in English or French, but also be able to do this regardless of the situation and cultural differences.

    Holidays spent abroad, the student will remember a lot of vivid impressions: waiting for him exciting excursions, adventures, teamwork, games and much more. Learning English abroad- one of the best options for a seasonal vacation and a vacation. Select the language of interest in the "languages" column on the left or in the search above.

    A modern student center and a language camp for teens can offer their guests a variety of leisure activities. Studying foreign here, as a rule, takes place during sports, excursions, active games, thematic meetings. Traditional lessons are also included in the program of the camp abroad, but the educational institution is perceived by them primarily as a recreation center, rather than an educational institution. At the same time, students gain confidence in communication, learn slang, improve their understanding of the language in different accents -study abroad is very interesting and multifaceted, in the lessons of the students will not get bored.999.12]

    Детские языковые лагеря за границей

    Geography and specialization of language schools on vacation, tours

    Every year, this type of leisure, like a language camp for teenagers, is becoming more popular among children and their parents - educational centers are opening in major cities, resort areas, in the heart of European and Western countries, are based on the campuses of boarding schools , Colleges, universities (the latter are targeted at a teenage audience). Today, the child can be sent on vacation to a language camp for teenagers inEngland , United States , Switzerland , Germany , Austria , Italy , ] Canada, at Malta , Mexico, Japan, China, other countries (full list of destinations in the column on the left) - not only in summer but also in other seasons. The training center is recommended to choose not only by location, but also by specialization. Universal camps abroad offer classic combined training and recreation programs. A specialized center for schoolchildren will help develop not only conversational skills, but also physical or creative abilities, especially those that are oriented towards young athletes.

    Youth camps for teenagers abroad: directions, rating, prices

    A separate category of developing institutions are foreign schools, which are divided into two areas. The academic center is aimed at those who wish to obtain a secondary or higher education abroad and in a foreign language. Here programs are offered for preparation for academic examinations, schooling, college, university, effectivelanguage courses abroad . The classical camp differs little from the children's camp, its programs include interactive teaching of a foreign language, a lot of leisure activities, some centers are located on the sea where children can practice water sports.

    Each institution has its own personalized rating based on several factors. By rating you can navigate when choosing the best option for rest and study.

    As for prices, the cost varies depending on the country, school popularity, rating and location. In general, the prices can range from 400 euros (for example, inexpensive to study in Malta) to 2000 euros per week all inclusive flight mates (in the best camps in England, the USA, Switzerland).

    Молодежные лагеря за границей

    Language summer camps abroad: how and where to send the child

    Many parents ask this question when they plan to send schoolchildren, teenagers for the first time. We recommend you not to worry about yourself, to get acquainted with the time and experience proven by the offers on camps abroad in our broad catalog, to ask questions and get acquainted with the opinions of employees and clients who have already traveled with us. Training programs and directions, as well as language camps for teenagers, there is enough.

    To arrange a trip to the camps abroad we will ask you for a copy of the child's passport, and also go through the details and help us fill out the registration form. These services are free of charge!

    Next, you will need to book tickets, and apply for a visa. We also take it upon ourselves if necessary!

    For any questions please write or call our specialists, we are always happy to help and advise the best option.

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