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How to apply to German universities after school. Studienkolleg

Education information

German education is highly valued in the world, the country's universities are included in prestigious international ratings, and most of them are open today for foreigners all over the world, who most often choose to study in Germany after high school. But not every students knows how to enter the university of Germany. The universities of the country today are attractive for their fee and quality of education. Experts of Smapse will help to understand the intricacies of pre-university preparation.

If you are planning to enroll at German high educational institutions you must understand that due to probable differences in educational system you need to have the appropriate entitlement to qualify you to do so. Besides that, every country has its own specific school-leaving certificates and, not all of them can be equal to a German and some foreign school-leaving certificates are not recognized or partially recognized in Germany.

The German educational system provides for a 13-year secondary education cycle. Accordingly, to be enrolled in a university in Germany, some graduate needs to compensate for two missing years of schooling.Studying abroad after the 11th grade, namely admission to educational institutions in Germany, requires a deeper and fuller preparation from the student.

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Enrollment to the University of Germany: available methods

There are several ways to enroll in a German institute for foreign applicants. The most common training programs in Germany after grade 11 are:

  • training in a national state or accredited private institution of higher education for at least 2 years in a specialty corresponding to that chosen in Germany;
  • Studying in German Studienkolleg (1 year full-time) after school (11th grade);
  • Passing of senior-level programs in Germany (IB in English , Abitur in German). Programs are taught inprivate schools in Germany

Practice shows that the second method is more popular. It allows you to enroll in Germany after 11th grade, saving 1 year, quickly adapt to a new language and academic environment.

Enrollment after Studienkolleg is possible based on the results of the qualifying examination. There are no additional entrance exams, interviews are possible in some institutes. It is also often necessary to take TestAS, a special assessment test for foreign applicants. In addition, the average score of the school certificate is taken into account.

Language pre-university training

поступление в университет в Германии

Enrollment in an institution of higher learning is possible only with excellent German proficiency. The language barrier, as practice shows, prevents many entrants in the implementation of the dream of a prestigious European education. SMAPSE experts recommend effective language courses for everyone who wants to master the language to perfection - this is also a popular and sought-after option in Germany after the 11th grade.

In our catalog you will find the most prestigious German language schools. Specialized centers for teenagers (16+) and adults offer academic German programs: they allow not only to improve existing knowledge, but also to acquire the skills necessary for further education.

In the SMAPSE recommended schools, German students are invited to study in a university condition. This helps to quickly adapt to the new environment, get acquainted with the traditions, get used to the rules, discipline. In addition, such courses are an intensive everyday practice. A combined program, including a linguistic module and training in the relevant disciplines in accordance with the chosen specialty, provide an opportunity to effectively prepare not only for enrollment, but also for study in it: training in Germany after the 11th class will be more productive and effective.

Choice of educational institution, program

To choose the program and school, Studienkolleg for study in Germany after 11 class you can independently, using our convenient catalog: on its left panel there are filters that allow sorting information by type of program, the location of the school.

Individual selection is also available on the site. To order fill in the short form or contact us by e-mail, via chat, by phone. Specialists of SMAPSE know how foreigners can enter the university of Germany. And they are ready to share the experience with you!

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Rinat, good afternoon! Standard training on the bachelor's program begins in late September - early October. The documents must be submitted as soon as possible, the deadline for filing is mid-July, the exact date should be specified for the current year (on that day the documents must already be in the university admission committee)
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