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University preparation in Geneva. List of top 35 institutions, description, prices and tuition fees, how to apply

Education information

For you, we have prepared a list of top 35 educational institutions offering University preparation in Geneva, where international children, teenagers, adults and students can study. You can choose the course you like (pay attention to the cost, rating and reviews), our consultans are ready to help you to make the right choice. FREE services for enrolling in partner institutions, the number of plasces is limited.

Pre-Masters program in the following specialties:

  1. Business Administration. Program structure: program priority - political, economic concepts of social life, affecting the market, the environment.
  2. Finance. Program composition: the aim of the course is to train highly qualified specialists who are able to solve any financial problems efficiently and efficiently.

Students, depending on the level of English, learn the language, as well as master the basics of the future direction of the magistracy. Duration of training 1 - 2 semesters.

Upon completion of the pre-masters program, students enter a one-year course at the Geneva Business School.

    University preparation in Geneva. List of top 35 institutions, description, prices and tuition fees, how to apply

    Extract of the description of institutions in currect section:

    The Geneva School of Business is one of the most prestigious private universities in Switzerland. On the campus in Geneva, opened in 2001, 150 students are currently enrolled. The share of foreigners in the contingent reaches 90%. Mostly in Geneva Business School students from the post-Soviet countries and states of South-East Asia are studying.

    The Graduate School of Business is located in the business center of Geneva. Within walking distance from it is the UN office and the headquarters of the WTO. You can get to the university from the Geneva airport by a direct bus. Transport runs at intervals of 25 minutes.

    The Business School is an exclusive private university. It is aimed at foreign students wishing to obtain a business education that meets international standards. Today, the students are offered a wide range of training programs, including pre-university training courses for applicants from all directions, bachelor's, master's, doctoral studies. The training is conducted in English. The students of doctoral studies have a choice between English and French.

    Alternative cities:

    • London
    • Cambridge
    • Miami, Florida
    • Oxford
    • New York
    • San Francisco, California
    • Los Angeles, California
    • Barcelona
    • Vienna
    • Salzburg
    • Winchester
    • Malmo
    • Ypsilanti, MI
    • Tucson, Arizona
    • Doha
    • Shanghai
    • Patra
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Xiangtan
    • Reading

    Alternative countries:

    • United Kingdom
    • USA
    • Switzerland
    • Canada
    • Austria
    • Germany
    • France
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Ireland
    • Czech Republic
    • Luxembourg
    • Qatar
    • Singapore
    • Bolivia
    • Kenya
    • Malta
    • Sri Lanka
    • Kazakhstan
    • Costa Rica


    • Summer engineering program
    • master's degree (Japanese)
    • summer spanish course
    • summer chemistry courses
    • French football camp
    • GCSE
    • Bachelor (Italian)
    • Bachelor (Norwegian)
    • Magistracy (Slovak)
    • High School Diploma
    • oxbridge Pre-U
    • primary, secondary education
    • summer english
    • Courses for corporate clients
    • adult language courses
    • A-Level
    • BTEC
    • summer french courses
    • business courses
    • academic languages
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