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Adult language courses in France for international studens. List of 25 top institutions, rankings, prices and tuition fees

Education information

Want to learn French in a natural environment? Contact Smapse! We offer a list of authoritative schools, training in which will significantly increase the level of your knowledge.

Many centers are engaged in the teaching of foreigners in French cities in various cities of France. Advantages of studying at the courses:

  • constant stay in the environment where they communicate in the language, significantly speeds up mastering it, develops a subconscious understanding of linguistic constructions and logic,
  • to study in France are adapted non-standard: most schools are located in the cultural And the recreational centers of the country, you have the opportunity to choose an intensive course or to study in parallel with rest, playing sports;
  • The journey will prove to be not just fascinating, but also cognitive;
  • schools provide study programs for schoolchildren, businessmen and students. It is also possible to have a general study of the language for broadening the horizon.

We offer our clients training services, in our catalog - proven authoritative centers that receive students from all over the world. To make it as easy as possible for you to choose a school, call us on the phone - the specialist will individually select the best options.

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French courses in France: types of programs and list of schools

Learning French in his homeland is an ideal option for those who would like to get a full immersion in the language environment and pronounce words with a real French accent. It has been scientifically proven that communicating with native speakers helps to improve communicative skills in a foreign language. In addition, the effectiveness of the training depends on the chosen program, which in France may differ in duration and specialization. Also, the initial level of each student is important. So, the curricula for learning French are of several types:

  • The main program. Such an educational course is designed to study basic knowledge of the language in key areas: oral speech, listening, reading and writing. Typically, the standard program includes at least 2 weeks of training with the number of academic hours from 15 to 20 every week. To pass such programs, adult students can at the Center International d'Antibes (Antibes) or the school Eurocentres (La Rochelle or Paris)
  • Intensive program. The usual duration here is the same as in the first type, that is, 14 days. However, in this case, there are more classes in the week: on an intensive program, the number of teaching hours is from 20 to 30. There is a variant to make the program even more saturated - up to 32-40 hours a week. This kind of intensity is called a superintensive course. Such programs are usually chosen by adults who are interested in obtaining high language results in a relatively short period. An excellent option for teaching foreigners on similar programs - the Cavilam school in Vichy
  • Long-term program. In this course, foreign students will learn French at a more in-depth level. With the support of teachers, students will receive academic training, which is suitable for admission to secondary or higher education in this country. This program is also chosen for those who plan to take DELF / DALF exams (the main tests for determining the level of the French language)
  • Individual sessions. This approach is very popular in France among foreign students, because this format is more effective than group classes. The teacher forms a sufficiently flexible program, which at any time can be adapted to the level and needs of the student. This is why it is possible to achieve much faster in such classes of the required level of language knowledge. A suitable program is available at Home Language International and Internatoional House. You can start training at any time of the year.

In addition, in France, foreign students are offered several specialized programs that include not only study and a standard entertainment and leisure program. In such courses, students who are free from studies are devoted to immersion in cultural and traditional characteristics, including the program on enology (study of wine). Here are examples of several available programs:

1) The course "Language and Cooking" is perfect for adult students who consider themselves to be true gourmets. And in France, of course, there is something to try. As part of the training program, students will be able to visit such gastronomic regions of the country as Normandy, Burgundy, Champagne, Provence, as well as Paris, Lyon and Dijon. Students of the course in the morning study the standard program, and after lunch they dive into the subtleties of French cuisine and simultaneously study the related vocabulary

2) The course "Language + Fashion" is most popular in the capital of the country, because it is here that the French fashion industry is concentrated. The schedule is similar to the schedule of the previous course: first academic classes on the language, and then a visit to the master classes on fashion and lessons from the leading stylists of the industry. And of course, in Paris you can not miss the opportunity to conduct a unique shopping tour of the shops!

3) Language + Arts and Language + Culture courses are also in demand in Paris, because apart from classroom activities they include numerous excursions to historical and cultural places of the city and not only visits to museums, which are quite numerous in the capital, and also exhibitions, galleries and theater performances

4) Courses "Language + Alpine Skiing" and "Language + Beach Vacation" offer adult students language schools, which are located in the provinces of Annecy and Chamonix. As part of the curriculum in their free time, students go skiing in the Alps. As for the second educational course, it refers to language schools and centers located in the Riviera. Here, foreign students will be able to combine classes with a summer vacation on the beach and all the relevant attributes

5) In addition to all the above programs, adult students often choose courses or trainings in French language schools that have a specialized bias. That is, it is a program of business, legal, economic, medical language, as well as studying vocabulary from IT, accounting, sales, research and many others. Standard programs of professional orientation usually last 2 weeks.

Important for foreign students will also be the fact that you can begin your education on language courses in France with any level of knowledge - the range of curricula is formed taking into account that all students will come to classes with different luggage of knowledge. By the way, this country has its own system of marking language levels: thus, the elementary knowledge of the language is denoted as débutant (or élémentaire), a slightly more confident or intermediate level - intermédiaire, and the advanced one - supérieur. Free and confident possession of the French language is called mastery or perfectionnement.

We add that for admission to a French educational institution (for example, to a university) a candidate requires a level not lower than supérieur. In addition, almost always when entering a higher school, foreign students need to pass a standardized test for language skills. These can be examinations such as TCF-DAP, DELF, DALF. Prepare and even pass the test itself can be in the training centers or language schools, of which we have already spoken. Also often for applicants organize preparatory courses on the basis of the university itself - here you just need to carefully study the potential educational institution.

One such pre-university program is called the Foundation Program. Within the framework of this training course, which lasts for 1 year (this is a standard indicator, the training can take as much time as less), students receive basic academic knowledge, which will be sufficient for admission, and also increase the level of knowledge of the French language.

Cost of language courses in France for adult learners

The question of the price of French language courses is formed taking into account several factors, from the type of the program and ending with living. So, the standard curriculum will cost the student-foreigner less than the rest. With regard to accommodation, there are several possible options, each of which will also differ in price - students can be accommodated in a residence, in a host family or in the teacher's home. The second option will be somewhat cheaper than the first, and the third in total with training will be the most expensive, but at the same time most effective.

In addition, the price itself influences directly the city itself, which is being trained - in the megalopolis to live and study will be more expensive than in a small settlement in the suburbs. Although the quality of education is everywhere equally high, according to the current European standards.

So, on average, for the training of adult students from different countries, including Russia, a two-week program with accommodation will need from 1100 to 1500 €. Also, about 500 per week will require a student for such pocket expenses as travel, food, entertainment, shopping and so on. This figure does not include the registration of a student visa, as well as air tickets in both directions.

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