Summer language camps in France on vacation for children. List of schools, rating, prices for training

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Beautiful and elegant French language is much more pleasant and useful to study in his homeland, immersing himself in the unique atmosphere of this country. In France, almost every city has language summer camps for children - most are concentrated, of course, in major centers such as Paris and Nice. During the holidays, the system "language plus" is widespread, most of the courses offer not only classes, but also interesting extra-curricular activities: sightseeing tours, thematic study tours, games, sports classes, local culture studies. Combined children's programs will not only significantly improve the level of knowledge, but also get acquainted with the traditions and history of the country, with its cuisine and music, learn new sports and improve their own level of physical fitness.

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The directions and benefits of children's summer camps in France

Choose for your child summer courses throughout the country: they are offered by Paris, the resort towns of Côte d'Azur, Normandy, Provence, the Atlantic coast. Each place has its own unique charm and specifics, offering a wonderful and varied holiday, travel and much more. Seasons are offered as follows:summer , winter , spring .

Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers who do everything to make it interesting for children to learn. Each teacher has the necessary accreditation and rich experience of working with foreign students: the team of teachers successfully combines proven time-tested classical techniques and innovative approaches. Lessons are built not only in classical academic form, but also as role plays, situational decisions, in an interactive and dynamic format. In addition, the training continues beyond the class - on excursions, in games and competitions. Each event, planned by the teachers of the school, contributes to the rapid overcoming of the language barrier, the intensive expansion of the vocabulary, and the improvement of communication skills.

Effective modern training programs designed for students and adolescents, communication with the population of the country, familiarity with her life - all this gives excellent results. Students in a short time improve their language skills, speaking skills and listening comprehension, study and have fun with pleasure and just have a great summer vacation.

The intensity of language classes during the holidays in France

The choice of training programs in the camps of France is wide. As in children's camps in Switzerland . Standard two-week courses include 15 to 20 lessons per week, the rest of the time is devoted to excursions, recreation and sports. At the same time, this intensity makes it possible to achieve significant progress in the study of the language, and constant monitoring of students' progress makes it possible, if necessary, to adjust the curriculum and intensify the program.

There are also intensive programs - 30 lessons per week and even more, individual courses. As a rule, intensive courses are chosen by students who plan to pass an international test or enroll in a foreign educational institution. In this case, the intensive course will not only significantly increase the level of knowledge, but will also help to adapt to the European educational system, its subtleties and features. As a result of the lessons, students can pass language tests that allow them to study in French-speaking educational institutions.

Also, high intensity courses are popular with careerists, businessmen who need to establish communication with partners from foreign countries in the service of their duty. Many schools offer training options for corporate groups - this is an ideal opportunity to increase the level of knowledge and effectiveness of employees, conduct team building, improve the quality of the entire organization as a whole.

Prices for children's summer language camps in France

The cost in most cases includes a full range of services, namely the curriculum during the holidays, school materials, accommodation, meals, regular excursions and activities, sports games, transfers (at certain times, but not in all schools), and Insurance. Depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the school, the option of accommodation, the price for everything varies on averagefrom 550 to 1000 euros per week.

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