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In such a hospitable and developed European country as the Czech Republic, learning is a pleasure. Children's summer language camps in the Czech Republic - this is an opportunity not only to effectively learn English and Czech languages, but also fun, with pleasure and cognitive spending time. Vacations in the Czech Republic for schoolchildren include a huge number of entertainment and leisure activities, sports games, interesting excursions, walks and trips.

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A Step Towards a Successful Future

Czech universities and schools are highly regarded in the modern educational market in Europe: they provide quality, full-fledged education, and certificates are valued on a par with well-known international diplomas (analogues A-level and others) and accepted in most European universities, respected among employers. Students from all over the world are also attracted by the cost of Czech education: it is significantly lower than in institutions in the United States, Britain, Switzerland, moreover, living in the country will also require less expenditure - while the level of education is not lower, the study of subjects and disciplines is profound and professional .

Thus, staying in a language camp or summer school can be an excellent step towards continuing education in the Czech Republic. Adolescents will improve the level of English and Czech languages ​​(for learning and comfortable living in the country, free communication), adapt to the local education system, inspect and evaluate local educational institutions and be able to make better choices.

Leisure and excursion opportunities

The Czech Republic is one of the most interesting and distinctive European countries. The history of the state is full of various events, coups, historical battles, the memory of the former centuries, monuments of architecture and history are kept here. A walk through Prague, Karlovy Vary, Moravia will give an unforgettable impression, acquaint students with the rich heritage of the state.

National crafts are still strong here, the secrets of which are passed on from generation to generation: the tannery, jewelry, architectural art of the masters is truly amazing. In addition, the country harbors the most interesting natural reserves: what are the only famous resorts of Karlovy Vary, Moravian caves with a unique eco-complex, Czech Switzerland with rocky peaks and clean air? All possibilities of this country for leisure and recreation can not be counted - the Czech Republic will be able to surprise even an experienced traveler.

Cost of summer language camps in the Czech Republic

The price of summer courses and children's language vacations will pleasantly please parents - it is lower than similar offers in the US, UK, Germany or Switzerland. On average, a week's stay on the program for children will cost 400-900 euros: this cost includes accommodation, meals, training on the program and leisure activities. The cost may vary depending on the chosen course of study and the prestige of the institution, but invariably remains sufficiently profitable and attractive.

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