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Cuba is traditionally perceived as the country of an eternal holiday, this is how it looks from the tourist side. Everyday, non-resort Cuba is a lot of opportunities and prospects for foreigners in the field of education and work.

Many people prefer to study in Cuba in Havana, as the best universities, schools and training centers are concentrated in the capital. But in other cities it is also possible to realize academic goals, while studying the sights of a unique postcolonial complex near the North American continent.

Studies here take place in a special rhythm - this applies to both academic and special, particularly linguistic, directions. On the Island of Freedom, foreign students are offered many opportunities for improving Spanish, tourism and beach holidays, obtaining sought-after professions, and upgrading their skills. The country is open to teenagers, young professionals, scientists, anyone can study here today.

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There is a classical education system on the Island of Liberty, Cuba in this respect differs little from USA or Mexico. Schooling is divided into primary, secondary and full, after school children can enter the university. The country is known for its high performance in training specialists in various fields. The national diploma is quoted in the US and several EU countries. Foreign students can enter universities if they have the appropriate level of academic training, and acquire the necessary substantive knowledge and skills, as well as improve Spanish, they are offered in specialized educational institutions.

Language private schools accept students of different ages, most often teenagers from 13 to 17 years old and adults (18 to 30 years old) come to study. The former study Spanish on short-term and academiccourses , many spend their holidays in improving Spanish and preparing for admission to the university. Adults in schools are offered business English courses and programs that emphasize the development of spoken language.


  • Education meets international standards, is affordable. The cost of courses and programs is one of the main factors of the popularity of the country among foreign students.
  • Cuba is one of the most interesting and popular places for studying, deepening the knowledge of the Spanish language. Here you can combine study with tourism,language schools and courses are an exciting vacation that gives unforgettable impressions and effective, efficient, comfortable teaching.
  • Educational services offer a variety of private schools - choose an academic one, location is not difficult .
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