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Study in Costa Rica is an excellent opportunity not only to improve Spanish or get a high-quality education that meets international standards, but also to listen to demonstrative, interesting lectures on zoology, botany, ecology, culture, history of a colorful country. The state will be an excellent choice for those who dream to visit the tropics, not only as a tourist.

To study in this warm and hospitable today is comfortable and interesting: here in breaks between academic studies students are asked to pass the time, studying marcado, salsa, meringe. Studies, like life as a whole, take place in the rhythm of dance - it distinguishes the country from more reserved neighbors in Central America.

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Getting an education in Costa Rica is not an impossible dream: there are a lot of public and private institutions that host foreign students today, and national and international programs are offered in schools and universities.

Choose a place of study in the country You will be helped by the catalog of educational institutions compiled by our experts. Training is available in Spanish (official language) and English, international programs are selected individually.

Language courses: the nuances of learning in the country

Education in Costa Rica is little known in Russia, while many people choose this country as a tourist destination. We recommend that you begin your acquaintance with academic Costa Rica from the language courses - on the pages of the Smapse catalog you will find the rating centers offering intensive, standard, combined programs of the Spanish language.

Studying at a language school will not only improve communication skills, but also acquire a new academic experience. Presented in our catalog options offer to learn different methods. For rapid progress in Spain, academic lessons are conducted (the classical program), courses can also include intercambio, and the language exchange method provides for active communication with the local population.

At the same time, studies are of a mutual nature: local residents help students with Spanish, and foreigners teach Costa Ricans the basics of their native languages. Full immersion in the cultural and linguistic environment ensures rapid academic progress - according to statistics, a 30-day intensive Spanish course of this type in terms of the level of knowledge acquired corresponds to the year of training with a tutor or in a group.

Help professionals in choosing a school and course

Do you want to study in Costa Rica, but do not know where to start? The experts of SMASS are at your service. If you have any questions when you are looking for an educational institution and / or program, you can ask them to our consultants on-line (on the site chat works).

Also we offer to those wishing to receive free consultations in the telephone mode: you can contact Smapse via the free multichannel telephone number listed on the website. We also provided the possibility of ordering a callback - fill out the form on the site, and our managers will contact you in the near future.

You can also receive a consultation on the choice of educational institutions in the country by e-mail. Write us a letter indicating the desired program parameters, requirements for the language or secondary school, the university, and the experts of SMASS will select the appropriate training options for you. You will only need to choose the right one, book the program.

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