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Choose from 35 top English language courses and learn English in Caterham. Programs available for kids and adults. List of schools, prices, rankings

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35 best English language courses in Caterham for international kids, children, teenagers, students and adults. For your convenience, we combined the best schools with descriptions of programs and prices, their rankings, feedbacks from students. You may also want to contact our experts for detailed advice or to make a booking. We are official representatives of the majority of institutions listed on the website and all the enrolment services are FREE of charge. You pay only the school fees. Places are limited. Check for the special offers in a separate section of the website.

Choose from 35 top English language courses and learn English in Caterham. Programs available for kids and adults. List of schools, prices, rankings

Extract of the description of institutions in currect section:

In the 19th century Caterham School was founded as a boarding school for boys. Since 1995, joint training is offered here. In Caterham School, British and foreigners receive a qualitative fundamental education. In addition to academic training, the school pays much attention to the development of sports, creative talent pupils.

The school is often called a paradoxical institution. Atypical here is quite a lot. The first is the location. The school-boarding house is located not far from the busy highway M25. At the same time it is quite quiet, cozy, clean. From the road the school separates several hundred meters of the forest valley. The school is just a few minutes' walk from the center of Caterham. But the area in which it is located, you can call it a little crowded. The red brick building of the school from afar looks grand. In fact, it is designed quite simply, without excesses. Inside the main building used atypical wall decoration: red brick, tiles. The school inside does not look ascetic. Its role is played by the interior decoration and well thought out lighting. From the windows of the school building offers a stunning view of the hills, the well-groomed territory of the school.

The pedagogical composition of the school in Great Britain is very interesting. Many teachers are practitioners. In particular, the director of the school before the beginning of his teaching career received experience in business (in Lloyds Bank, BP). He, today the teacher of mathematics, is the author of 6 manuals on the subject. Particular attention in school is paid to sports. Many teachers are well-known athletes at the regional level.

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