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The best universities in Canada. The Smapse catalogue of leading universities in Canada for international students and students from across the world, tuition fees, ratings and reviews.

Education information

Nowadayshigher education in Canada is open to foreigners and is becoming increasingly popularwith prospective students from all over the world. Universities of Canada are chosenby those wishing to get high-quality education that meets modern internationalstandards. The Canadian system of education by level of organization rankssecond in the world, it is inferior only to the US education system. Theuniversities of Canada are competing with American and British ones; additionallystudying in Canada is much cheaper than in the United States. In contrast with theBritish universities, Canadian universities are much more democratic.

Thereare more than 100 universities in Canada offering a wide range of programs andspecializations, some of them are among the TOP educational institutions of theworld. Highly qualified teachers, professors of practice work with students, andthe received diplomas are quoted in most countries of the world, including theUSA and European countries.

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Features of studying at universities in Canada

Education in Canada can be distinguished by a focus on practice instead of academic studies: education here is maximally adapted to further work in the specializations chosen by students.

Университеты в Канаде

Students receive theoretical knowledge during academic studies, and then they can apply their knowledge to practice on special projects and trainings. Students are obliged to participate in fundamental scientific research in various fields. Those students who are doing their bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or internship programs can get a lot of practice as lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers (in accordance with the chosen specialization), which will be a great advantage in future career.

For foreign students there is a possibility to optimize the costs of education, as there are scholarships for academic, sport, and creative achievements available.

Educational programs in Canada

Standard higher education programs that are offered at Canadian universities are the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Master’s degree;
  • Higher Doctorate studies, or PhD.

In universities of Canada bilingual programs in both English and French are often offered: such programs allow students to study a number of subjects in French, while the basic disciplines are usually taught in English.

Канадские ВУЗы

All programs have an affordable cost - on average, educational programs cost 10 000 – 25 000 CAD. The price of education depends on many factors: the prestige of the university, specializations and programs offered, etc. The relatively low price of education in Canada along with its high quality is among the main advantages of getting higher education in universities of Canada.

Choosing a university in Canada

We bring to your attention the catalogue of universities of Canada, compiled by Smapse specialists - it includes the most prestigious, top-rated, and most popular universities in Canada. In this section the experts of Smapse team have aggregated only verified and trustworthy educational institutions, in which various higher education programs are offered.

You can choose a university in Canada free of charge by specified parameters. In order to sort the information in the catalogue there are several filters for your convenience: we suggest you using our search form on the page and making a choice by location (region, city), type of educational program, the language of instruction.

There is an individual consultation by Smapse specialists available. To get expert piece of advice, you just need to contact us with any of the ways provided on the site (e-mail, multichannel telephone line with callback function, online chat, or Skype).

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