School secondary education in Canada. Study in the school of Canada after 8, 9, 10, 11 class: prices, list of schools, rating

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Secondary schooling in Canada is becoming more accessible and in demand. The country is famous all over the world for its excellent quality of education, with its low cost: the country is ahead of the United States and Britain in terms of state subsidies for schooling, so the sphere of state institutions is rather widely developed. For Russian students, Ukrainian students, and other children of foreigners, you can join the high quality of basic education in Canada by enrolling in a private school that not only provides extensive knowledge of compulsory subjects, but also directs students to receive further education in the best universities in the world.
An increasing number of Russian citizens want to study in Canadian schools, preferring to classical school education in the UK or education in America. There are several reasons for this:

  • modern primary and secondary education programs in Canada based on European and North American experience;
  • comfortable learning and living conditions;
  • low training costs;
  • ]
  • diploma of the international standard.
  • The state actively invests in studies, so graduates with a local diploma are in demand all over the world.

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    Canadian Educational Traditions

    Canada is the largest state not only in North America, but also in the world (after Russia it is in second place). It is difficult to talk about the similarity of national traditions with Russia, but local residents are as hospitable as Russians. In addition, the climate of the country is identical to that of Russia, so students quickly adapt to it and do not feel any discomfort.

    The country's international policy is rather reserved and loyal to foreigners. A high standard of living, accessible conditions for training and employment for immigrants, developed infrastructure attracts more and more citizens to this country not only from Russia, but also from all over the world.

    Bilingualism officially operates here, so in many secondary and higher education centers programs are taught in both English and French. There are areas in which the vast majority of residents speak French.

    Preparation will allow you to master two foreign languages ​​perfectly (the second one - at the request of the student), determine the choice of further specialization and study the culture and traditions of another country in a comfortable atmosphere. Completion of the training process at a private school in Canada provides an opportunity for a foreign student to enter the university without entrance examinations.

    Обучение в Канаде

    When choosing an institution, it should be borne in mind that the cost of study often includes the residence of the child in the host family. The cost for foreigners and local residents is the same, but inPrivate schools The programs are geared mainly to foreign students.

    Canadian institutions with which the IMAS cooperates base courses on the latest technical innovations that accelerate the learning process. In a short time in the preparatory course, foreign students learn English at a sufficient level to study compulsory school disciplines.

    The marks on the examinations that the student passes after the completion of the college are entered in the certificate of secondary education in Canada - it is his entrant who submits to the university for admission.

    In the country secondary education is compulsory for children 6 to 16 years old. In the country's educational institutions, more than 5 million students receive knowledge each year, 95% of them attend public school or Catholic schools. In state institutions, joint education is offered, in Catholic schools - separate, 5% of children are enrolled inprivate boarding houses (in them obtaining a diploma is considered prestigious, in many institutions there is a competitive selection). In elite boarding schools children are recorded right after birth.

    Foreigners receive private institutions: there are relatively few of them in the country, which gives the secondary education in Canada exclusivity. A distinctive feature is also the affordable price of training: the programs here are cheaper than similar onesboarding schools in America , Britain, Switzerland. Canadian high school diploma enables an adolescent to enroll in one of the universities of the country, as well as Europe or the US

    Conditions for studying and living in private schools in Canada

    Parents as immediate initiators and sponsors of study abroad choose Canada not only because of the optimal pricing policy in the field of education. The social and social background in this country is friendly and safe, so the parents calmly part with their children, trusting their upbringing to the teachers of the local boarding houses.

    A favorable atmosphere has been created in educational institutions, in which children feel comfortable and learn and live. The pedagogical team and staff are motivated to organize educational activity and rest so that their wards constantly feel their attention.

    Parents have the opportunity to arrange children in schools with separate accommodation for boys and girls. This practice is extremely relevant, as it allows the use of specialized educational and out-of-school programs aimed at accelerating the development of academic, creative and communicative abilities.

    The logistical and training base of private is also at a high level. That's why about 6% of children prefer to study here, and not in the US and UK.

    Peculiarities of living

    No country in the world has created such living conditions as proposed by Canadian boarding schools. Students live in comfortable rooms one by one or two. The furnishings of the rooms are as close to home as possible, in addition, children are under the constant care of teachers who live in the same residences.

    The care and attention of adult educators helps them to adapt more easily in new environments, away from parents and friends.

    Foreign students quickly get used to their surroundings also because they can communicate freely With their relatives on the Internet.

    Computerization of institutions is at the highest level, with equipment and software constantly updated after the advent of new developments.

    Enrollment is a rather lengthy process, so parents who have made their choice in favor of private institutions need at least a year to prepare for admission.

    Условия обучения и проживания в частных школах пансионах Канады

    Training in Canada after 8, 9, 10, 11 classes for Russian and foreign students

    The school program of the senior classes of the country is called High school diploma. The course provides for 4-year training with further obtaining a certificate of graduation from an international school, which allows you to enroll in universities in Canada, the United States, other countries with English-language universities.

    The flexibility of the Canadian education system is that you can enroll in a number of schools after any high school class - you will always be able to offer options for graduation at the optimum time (this fact does not apply to the IB and High School programs at 11 and 12

    There is also a big plus - there is no strict rule in the country that the student must be 18 full years for admission to the university, which in some cases allows him to finish his studies on the accelerated Pre-University program offered in one of our Partner collegesColumbia International College , by the way, this accelerated program for the 2016 school year costs only 35,000 Canadian dollars a year, including accommodation and food!

    I would also like to note that the majority of parents and students - foreigners (including Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhstanis) prefer to choose schools - boarding houses for study and living.

    Both public and private institutions provide boarding-type training, as well as school education in the United States . Private educational institutions are more expensive than state ones, but their technical, educational and laboratory support allows students to receive high graduation points and enter elite universities. The dignity of boarding schools can be considered the possibility of year-round living of children either in the family (older children) or on the campus with a huge infrastructure.

    Most of the institutions with which the SMAPS collaborates include a powerful sports complex for the active development of children, provide for a large number of extracurricular activities, thematic clubs and circles for mastering the future specialty.

    Education in Canada will not only allow the child to build a successful career in the future, but also ensure the diversified development of your child, accommodation in comfortable, well-maintained boarding schools and training programs recognized in leading universities in the world.

    The advantages of studying in middle and high schools in Canada

    • Available public mechanisms for the arrival and residence of foreign citizens.
    • A safe, peaceful international policy.
    • Comfortable climate and living conditions.
    • High level of education.
    • Directional profile orientation of students.
    • Prestigious diploma.
    • Extended opportunities for continuing education in any country in the world.
    • Comprehensive development of students.
    • Affordable tuition fees.
    • [999.19 ] A wide list of educational institutions officially registered

    Prices for secondary school education in Canada

    The cost of studying in private institutions varies depending on the rating of the school, the results of graduate examinations, prestige, history. The average cost per year: C $ 30,000 - C $ 60,000 with accommodation.

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