Preparation for universities in Canada. Study in Canada after school: 10, 11 classes. List of schools, rating, prices for training

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Practice shows that most graduates of Russian schools are not ready to enter foreign universities, including Canadian ones. This is due, above all, to the differences in educational systems in countries. Also, the lack of sufficient language practice among applicants.

At the same time, for every teenager choosing a university in Canada, what to do is the most urgent issue. The SMASS experts are ready to answer it, and also help in organizing a trip abroad for preparation to the university and directly for training in the chosen specialty.

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How to enter the University of Canada?

Russian entrants can be enrolled in the country's universities in several ways:

  • after completing the preparatory courses Pathway ;
  • after 2 years of study at the Russian university;


  • at the end of the upper grades of the Canadian school (IB , High School Diploma, the French baccalaureate if you plan to study in the French-speaking part of the country.)

Each version has its own characteristics. For example, the latter excludes the need for the passing of language examinations, while not foreseeing the passage of entrance tests. Enrollment is based on the results of the final examinations of the school.

Университеты Канады

Admission to the University of Canada: preparatory programs

In this section of the catalog, we collected the most popular courses for admission to the baccalaureate. In total, there are three types of specialized courses.

The former provide for intensive language training. Such courses are suitable for applicants who need to pass a test in English or French for enrollment. Their peculiarity is teaching not only general foreign, but also academic. The latter allows future students to master the necessary skills for effective teaching in the university (writing essays, writing reports, notes, etc.).

How do I enter a university if not only language skills are lacking, but also basic academic knowledge? To services of entrants in the country of program Foundation at universities. They allow you to bring the homework certificate obtained in the homeland in accordance with the Canadian educational standards.

The directions presented in our catalog are combined, they include language and subject modules (the latter can be general educational and special). Admission to the university is based on the results of the Foundation examinations.

The third type of programs includes intensive special academic training. The passage of such courses ensures enrollment in a university for 2 years (with successful training), they are targeted at applicants entering prestigious specialties with a large competition.999.12]

Поступление в ВУЗы Канады

Choosing a pre-university program

For you the actual question is, how to enter the Canadian university? We offer a quick and free choice of the type of pre-university preparation. In the directory of SMASS the opportunity to choose courses on specific parameters is realized, such as the type of program and educational institution, the location of the latter.

We recommend only proven courses and educational centers. Training in the profile program increases the chances of enrolling in Canadian higher education institutions. Most courses are standard. They include language and academic lessons - all that is needed for a foreign entrant.

So, you have chosen a university in Canada, how do you enroll in it, do not know? Smapse specialists will help in choosing the necessary program and preparing the documents for admission.

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