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Language test preparation in Canada for international studens. List of 25 top institutions, rankings, prices and tuition fees

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Canada is a bilingual country: English and French are state status here, and many programs offer programs in one of these languages. Also, training courses are available, including the study of French and English.

In a bilingual country, you can prepare and pass tests on both options. The corresponding examinations in Canada, as in European countries, provide for a certificate with a level of language proficiency. Documents are recognized as educational institutions, employers of the country, they are also valid in Europe and the USA.

It is not difficult to pass tests, it is enough to prepare them competently. This can be done in specialized educational institutions. Special programs now offer day schools, boarding schools (courses for teenagers), profile centers and schools (the latter are open to adult students). Institutions of the presented types can be found in the Smapse catalog.

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Available language exam preparation programs in Canada

Qualitative preparation is necessary for successful passing of the test. SMAPS experts recommend improving the skills of English or French in the country where you plan to work or study.

Modern test preparation programs allow you to update knowledge, develop the skills necessary for successful testing. Also, living in the country at For 1 to 8 months, it helps to overcome the communication barrier.

The best programs of the experts of SMASS have been collected for you in this section of the catalog. Are you going to the French part of the country? We will help you to choose a course for DELF or DALF. Planning to study, work in English-speaking regions? We bring to your attention international training programs for language exams.

Choosing a school and program

It is not difficult to independently choose an educational center and catalog courses. The necessary filters (by type of program, school, location of the latter) are presented in the left panel of the catalog. Do you need the help of professionals in the selection? Our specialists are ready to advise you on the phone, in the online chat. Also, SMAPS experts are connected to Skype. You can send an application for individual selection by e-mail.

Online Smapse consultations are free of charge. Cooperation with experts in the field of foreign education is rational, convenient and affordable.

Language examinations in Canada: English and French

In a bilingual country, you can take tests of all levels. Language examinations in the country are represented by English and French programs. The first ones are:

The French tests are presented by the traditional DELF and DALF (they differ only in the difficulty level). Canadian DELF and DALF are identical to those in France, they allow you to assess the level of knowledge on skills:

  • reading,
  • letters,
  • listening,
  • speaking,
  • knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

Similar language skills are evaluated in English tests.

IELTS, TOEFL are considered the most popular, in Canada they are given for the same Scheme, as in Britain, the United States. The reason for their popularity is simple: most of the regions speak English.

The French DELF and DALF tests are given mainly in Quebec: in this region, most of the francophone and bilingual universities of the country are located.

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