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Language courses in Canada: learning English and French

Canada is a bilingual country: part of its population speaks English, in certain provinces French is official. There are two types of language schools and centers in the country: ESL and FSL, they offer programs for studying one of the two options, respectively. Language courses in Canada are an invariable success, in many respects due to the bilingualism of the country: both English and French can be studied here at an equally high level.

ESL Courses (English )
English language courses in Canada are offered in almost every university in the country, they allow foreign applicants to prepare for admission, language schools also have a wide selection of the ESL program. All of them are united by flexibility of conditions and schedules of training.

Courses FSL (French )
FSL-programs are offered by private and public educational institutions, most of the French schools and language courses in Canada are in Quebec. FSL works all year round, foreign students can start their studies at any time: they choose the term and intensity of the program independently, according to their capabilities, academic needs and goals.

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Types of language programs

Foreign students can choose between short-term and long-term training programs. A trip to a language course in Canada for less than 6 months does not require a Study Permit, this applies to both the ESL and FSL programs.

Standard, intensive, advanced, specialized English programs are available in the country's institutions And French - language courses in Canada are represented by a variety of proposals. The first is recommended for beginning students and wishing to combine study with tourist trips around the country. Intensive format allows to achieve rapid progress, in-depth study is chosen by those wishing to study and work in Canada. Profile programs are aimed at professionals in various fields, from business to medicine.

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