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Does your child think that vacations and learning English are incompatible concepts? Tell him about an amazing country where it's easy and pleasant to study, and besides studying you can learn and see a lot of interesting things. This country is Canada: language courses in Canada like the finest child and will give the sea a new positive experience. Below you can find information about the children's language summer camps in Canada on holidays for schoolchildren, teenagers and youth with a list of schools and cost.

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Mysterious Canada and children's language camps for Russian and international students

It is a bilingual country, and the educational system in it is based on British teaching methods, which are considered the best in the world. The level of study here is not lower than in schools in England or Switzerland , and the cost of study is much less. That's the secret of growing popularityinternational language camps for children invited by Canada, more and more children and adolescents seek to go there to spend a wonderful vacation and attend language courses in Canada.

There are not too many Russian-speaking guys on the Canadian vacation yet. But the one who gets there, a real lucky one: he will fall into the natural environment, find new friends, take advantage of priceless conversational practice.

Лагеря для детей в Канаде

Another argument, important for parents: with the highest standard of living in this country is a very low crime rate. It is absolutely safe to send schoolchildren there, and strict supervision is provided there.

Tell your child that in Canada there is the best ecology in the world, the cleanest and most beautiful nature, many reserves and national parks, crystal clear air, magnificent lakes. Your future student will be able to see the amazing Niagara Falls not on TV, but near. Already for the sake of it is worth to visit the country in which it is interesting and surprising everything - language courses in Canada are able to give the sea of ​​new impressions and acquaintances!

Like the children's camps in Switzerland , the language camps in Canada work, usually on the basis of private schools, colleges of major cities: in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and others. The best recognized are Columbia International College, Lakefield Camp, International Language Academy of Canada, Onondaga Camp, Wynchemna, Trinity College, St. Michael's College.

Children's youth English courses in summer camps in Canada

All students who arrive at language courses in Canada are tested before starting their studies, which determines the level of language proficiency. The corresponding program and group are selected according to this.

Лагеря в Канаде

The basic course involves 20 lessons per week, intensive - from 30. There are also several preparation programs for the English exam and admission In higher educational institutions. The course "English + hobby" is very unusual: it's language plus dancing or fashion, music, movies and much more.

All language courses in Canada are designed to expand the vocabulary of the child, improve pronunciation and acquire the skills of confident oral communication.

Teachers, coaches, mentors of high qualification work with the guys, who find an individual approach to everyone. The language courses in Canada are designed so that the children learn with desire and interest. Adults strictly control the safety of children in class and on vacation.

By lunchtime, English lessons usually end, and then an exciting vacation begins: hikes, sports competitions, excursions. Many children for the first time tried to raft down the river on canoe and kayaks, mastered windsurfing and rafting. Among these brave ones there can be your child. What a boy does not want to experience extreme sensations, and in Canada for this there are unique opportunities.

Детские языковые лагеря

It seems that your child is convinced of how many amazing experiences he will give to the mysterious Canada, and is preparing to become a pioneer.

PRICES for summer holidays in camps for children in Canada

The cost of language courses in Canada in most cases includes a full range of services, including curriculum, school materials, accommodation, meals, regular excursions and activities, sports games, transfers (at certain times, but not all schools), and Insurance. Depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the school, the option of accommodation, the price for everything varies on averagefrom 700 to 1200 Canadian dollars a week.

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