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International communication requires a lot from a specialist - and this is not only a solid base of professional knowledge, presentability, clarity of thought and speech. It is important to know the international language (English). Knowledge of several languages ​​is a competitive advantage of the competitor, partner, market participant.

You can learn English in different countries. Specialists of SMASS recommend business schools in Canada, these educational institutions are known for the high quality of educational services and services. Also, the distinctive feature of the language centers included in the list of business schools in Canada is bilingual, many of them offer combined programs that improve the skills of English and French.

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Business English in Canadian schools: the structure of the course

The main purpose of most business English courses is to develop students' skills for communication at the international level. Also, programs allow you to overcome the language barrier - it is known to complicate not only communication with partners, customers, counterparts, but also work with the press, business documentation.

The emphasis is on specific aspects of English, with each program providing a common language module. Standard group courses have the following structure:

  • 20 general English lessons;
  • 10 specialized classes (English for business),
  • thematic meetings, trainings - optional.

Individual courses can have any structure, it is determined by the level of basic student training , His ambitions, demands and preferences. Group and individual programs you can on-line pick up in this section. The list presented by Smapse experts includes educational institutions working with students of different ages and professional categories.

Types of language programs in Canada

Specialized schools in Canada offer their students a wide range of profile courses. These include general business English, English for diplomats, top managers, professional specialists (teachers, lawyers and others) - each category of courses has its own peculiarities.

But there are a lot of programs in the programs, especially teaching methods, techniques and training tools. All of them are aimed at getting students the necessary practical experience of applying business English. Learning the language goes through public speaking, business games, trainings, discussions. Each course covers a maximum of important areas of business communication: among them is oral communication by phone and in person (negotiating), preparation and conduct of presentations, interviewing, business correspondence and much more.

Features of choosing a school and program in Canada

The presented catalog will help you choose an educational institution and a language course. For your convenience, the section provides for several thematic filters. On the left panel of the page you will find the following sections: educational programs, types of institutions, cities. If you select one of the options, you will get a sample of the Canadian schools that correspond to it. The list provides sorting by alphabet.

Do you need individual selection of educational institutions? You can get advice from the specialists of SMASS by phone (multi-channel free hotline), e-mail, via Skype or online chat. Also you can fill out the application for the selection of the school on the site, our specialists will promptly process it and will contact you in the manner indicated in the request.

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