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Canada is a country in which educational standards are among the highest in the world: they are established, controlled by provincial competent authorities, training in Canada is carefully checked by the Ministry of Education of the country. A distinctive feature of education in Canada is the absence of a unified system: each region (province) has the right to pursue a policy independently, with all educational institutions (state andprivate schools , universities , colleges) are subject to mandatory accreditation. Choosing any region for study in Canada, you can be sure of the quality and balance of educational programs.

Education in Canada for Russian and foreign students is interesting from several points of view. First of all, it is an opportunity to study and improve two languages,French and English . Secondly, there are many institutions here (especially in higher schools), where studies in Canada are prestigious, honorable and opens the doors of the world's top labor market.

The diploma is quoted in America and in many countries of Europe - therefore education in Canada for Russian schoolchildren and students is so universal and popular. The quality of teaching is very high, the same as the qualitystudies in Europe , and the cost of studying in Canada is comparable to the global indicators, which is why the country is now popular with Russian and foreign students.

Admission and enrollment services through our company - are free of charge. We are not intermediaries . We can also help you with discounts, scholarships for training, if the child / schoolchild currently has excellent academic performance.

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Education system in Canada

Education in Canada begins with an elementary school, it is designed for children 6-12 years old. At 13-18 the students attend secondary school. For the 18-23 age group, there is a possibility of studying in Canada at the university or profile in the college.

Secondary educationin Canada is similar to the American one: about 95% of schoolchildren attend ordinary state institutions, and in private schools students who parents can and consider it necessary to pay for more comfortable and personalized teaching. Private boarding schools also accept foreign students.

Such institutions offer a wide range of academic disciplines. Education in Canada is arranged in small classes, an individual approach to the student is practiced. Studies in Canada are also distinguished by an improved material and technical base, they are taught exclusively by highly qualified teachers.

Especially attractive is the education in Canada for Russian students in that it is possible to study in English, French, both programs have minor differences. Training traditionally lasts 12 years, in French-speaking Quebec and Ontario, secondary education takes 13 years. Study inThe private school ends with passing exams (similar to to private US schools ), but there is no single examination standard in the country: testing of students' knowledge is carried out in the form of test control, evaluation of analytical work, essays and essays .

After high school, the entrant chooses a further path. Colleges allow you to obtain a specialized educational level, such institutions are training cadres of narrow specialization. The university usually entertainers wishing to obtain a bachelor's degree, subsequently a master's degree, a doctor. The programs of colleges and universities are built on the American principle. Higher education in Canada is received in 3-5 years.

Advantages of Canadian education and reasons to send a child to study

  • Universities and private schools of the country are the flagships of scientific and technological progress: every educational institution here has its own achievements, developed infrastructure. In the country's schools and universities, it is possible to obtain quality fundamental academic training, which will become the basis for further professional development.
  • Education in Canada today is comfortable, profitable, prestigious: diplomas are quoted around the world, the cost of training is lower than in European universities, and accommodation is cheaper than in neighboring US. At the same time, the number of private educational institutions in the country is less than, for example, in England or America, this gives private schools-boarding schools and colleges exclusivity.
  • In a multinational country, a foreign accent is not a sign of an outsider, but a highlight that makes the student's personality unconventional. With foreigners, they willingly communicate, support in every way, and this allows you to quickly adapt to new conditions, even the smallest children. It is for this reason that education in Canada for Russian students is one of the most comfortable, convenient and profitable options.
  • A great deal of attention is paid to sports, out-of-school, out-of-university development.
  • At the university, students can shorten the term of study due to the targeted use of vacation time.
  • After graduation, the graduate can stay in the country To work legally for 2-3 years.
  • By rating, the country is the second largest in the world after the USA.

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