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Professional study abroad - new opportunities in the career. SMAPS offers the selection of thematic corporate and individual programs - and innovative language courses abroad employees of companies from all fields of activity, from production to Trade. We also offer a wide range of specialized short-term courses - tstaffing abroad abroad will help to disclose the potential of employees, and professional developmenteach individually as a result will bring profit to the organization. Moreover, there are specialized business courses for schoolchildren abroad, training on which will help to gain experience and solid preparation for admission to universities.

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Types of courses for business and professional development

Refresher courses are designed to meet the needs of different customer groups. We select:

  • profile options for professionals striving for professional development;
  • effective programs for organizations;
    [999.11 ]
  • Training programs for individual clients wishing to develop their interests or find a new hobby.

Corporate training in Europe, USA, Canada , Other countries can be used by the business owner as a motivational tool. Investments in it pay off quickly: staff training can improve the quality of service in the organization, which significantly affects the amount of profit.

Training is carried out by specialized accredited educational institutions in foreign countries, this allows to ensure that the quality meets high international standards.

Training for business people can be a means of maintaining the image. Do you need a status course? The team of SMASS will select for you an effective program in the most prestigious educational institution of the declared country.

Duration of corporate, business programs

Corporate training is presented by flexible and intensive programs, can last 1-30 days. The course is tailored to the needs of a particular client. Profile training will be focused on the professional development of your company's employees, business support.

How to start training?

For passing the courses, it is necessary to have a foreign language at a certain level, experience in the relevant field. Corporate training is organized for employees of companies of customers. Inadequate command of a foreign language is not a reason to refuse to improve their qualifications abroad: in our language schools there are regular classes for students with different levels of basic knowledge.

Detailed information on corporate, individual programs in schools abroad is available in the "training programs" column on the left.

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