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Little is known about the Russian inhabitants about Bolivia. At the same time it is one of the most beautiful countries of South America, located at the foot of the Andes, the locals are very friendly and friendly, most of them are descendants of ancient Latin American peoples who left impressive historical and cultural monuments.

Now the educational situation in Bolivia has become much better, especially in comparison with the beginning and middle of the XX century. You can study at once in several large universities: first of all it is, of course, the University of Bolivia, which consists of a private and 8 public institutions - today it trains more than 37,000 students. Also worth noting is San Francisco Javier, a university in Sucre, which has about 10,000 students. The remaining institutions of higher education are located in other major cities: La Paz, Oruro, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Sucre, Potosi, Trinidad, Tarija.

A major educational center is the National Archives, also located in the capital city of Sucre - it was founded in 1836 and contains a large number of valuable historical documents. The most stubborn and gifted students continue their education at the Academy of Sciences, located in La Paz. It should be noted that all major libraries of the country are concentrated at universities, therefore students will not have problems with the search for information and with the provision of scientific materials. The study in Bolivia is mainly focused on the study of the humanities, social sciences.

Training may include two languages: it is commonly used English and Spanish, which is on the list of state languages. This is an excellent opportunity: both languages ​​are very common in the world, and the knowledge of both to increase the student's value in the world labor market will help to build a career in an international company.

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Education and Tourism

It is interesting to study in the country: in their free time students enjoy countless excursion routes: the fascinating, unique nature of the country, views of mountain peaks, historical monuments attract tourists from all over the world. What is worth only Titicaca - the highest lake in the world! The cities also have something to look at: the old part of the capital Sucre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the beautifully preserved original colonial architecture. The inhabitants of Bolivia are very hospitable, will always render assistance and support to any traveler, are ready to tell about their life, history and traditions. Studying in Bolivia is a great opportunity to improve your language skills and get acquainted with an unusual, memorable, original country.

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