The best private schools are boarding schools and colleges for foreigners abroad and in Europe. List, prices for training, rating

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Every responsible parent wants to give his child a better education, opening up career possibilities and prospects for him. At the same time, many come to the conclusion that paid private boarding schools abroad are suitable for obtaining such education more than domestic ones. So, you decided to teach your child abroad. It's time to choose an educational institution.

We present to your attention a list of elite and best private boarding and day schools from around the world. We have collected in the catalog the tested educational institutions open for Russian children, Ukrainians, foreign students, as well as the best language schools abroad . The list of boarding schools and residentual schools includes:

  • educational institutions of TOP-100 rating in each country of the world;
  • top and advanced paid colleges for schoolchildren and international students with excellent equipment and the most effective academic Training (we also have an electronic journal);
  • specialized educational institutions (with a focus on sport, creative activity, etc.);
  • low-cost boarding schools offering high-quality services;
  • closed elite and top schools to ensure increased safety and comfort of students

We recommend our clients to apply to the certified educational institutions. Throughout the whole process of training foreign students are accompanied by Smapse specialists.

The most popular boarding schools abroad are in the following countries (by clicking on any of them, you can get more detailed information and scrutinize lists of boarding and day schools in each country):

[999.30 ]
United KingdomSwitzerland Germany Italy [999.48 ] Spain Czech Republic
United States Canada France
IrelandUnited Arab Emirates

Samples of entrance tests for admission to private schools in hostels abroad , which You can write to us for free without visiting the school itself. Services on admission are also free.

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Catalog of prestigious private boarding schools abroad: types of educational institutions

Private boarding schools abroad are divided into two types:

  • providing accommodation on campus;
  • with the possibility of daytime visits.

Educational institutions of both types are represented in this section. The catalog of boarding schools includes institutions offering tuition in a five-day program with accommodation in a host family, a program for staying on campus during school hours (for example, Monday to Friday, weekends to the family). We also recommend schools that host foreign students for full board, including vacations.

Boarding schools with accommodation are an excellent choice for kids and teenagers. This option of studying abroad allows you to quickly adapt to the new academic environment, develop important social skills, gain a rich experience of communication in the intercultural community.

Elite boarding schools abroad provide their students with everything necessary for effective teaching and comfortable stay. You will be able to verify this by reading the information provided in the catalog for each of the selected educational institutions.

Features of selection of private schools and programs abroad (boarding schools)

The school boarding catalog presented on this page is convenient and easy to use. You can select educational institutions according to the given parameters in a few minutes. Each private boarding school is described in the catalog, taking into account specific parameters, usually of interest to parents.

In the left pane of the page, a form for finding educational institutions is available, taking into account the country, type of program and language of instruction. In the sample you will see private boarding schools, listed in alphabetical order. Detailed information about each of them can be found on the page of the educational institution.

Also, the catalog allows you to choose schools with residence, with accommodation and without only the type of curriculum. We recommend this search option to those who have not yet decided which country to send the child to for secondary education.

You can also see the proposals of specific countries in our catalog. A country filter will allow selecting all educational institutions open to foreign students of school age.

Private boarding schools are a rational choice for teaching children in Europe and abroad

Most of the educational institutions represented in our catalog are top private boarding schools. We recommend our clients the best educational institutions in more than 30 countries of the world.

Private boarding schools have several advantages over the day school. Here your child will be provided with:

  • full board;
  • special place for self-training (doing homework);
  • medical care (if necessary);
  • (Campuses are guarded around the clock, many of them are forbidden to children to leave without teachers);
  • For children with weak knowledge of English, individual training programs are provided (check the information personally from our specialists).

In addition, the rating and low-cost schools - this is not only training within the academic program. In the elite educational institutions, leisure time for schoolchildren is organized. International kids are given the opportunity to develop physical skills, engage in sports, improve their creative abilities in various interest groups, develop new activities in accordance with their interests and hobbies. So your child, while studying, will live on the comfortable and cosy campus, without wasting time on travel, transportation costs.

Advantages of private boarding schools abroad

So, what are the main advantages of private boarding schools abroad in comparison with domestic educational institutions?

  • High prestige

If your child has graduated from one of the privileged, elite foreign schools, it will be easier for him to enroll on the best universities around the world, holding high positions in rankings, as well as to get a perspective job in the future. The international labor market always pays attention to the diplomas of the best educational institutions. They famous international corporations know that the rating name of university is almost always a guarantee of excellent knowledge and skills, perseverance, discipline and good breeding.

  • The highest quality of education

Long-term (and sometimes centuries-old) work experience allows foreign schools to teach really high-quality, effective, balanced training programs. At the same time, the latest developments and methods are regularly introduced into the educational process - it can be interactive education, online resources and electronic training courses, the latest technology and equipment.

  • Individual approach and personal attention

The best private boarding schools abroad fully justify their high cost due to practice of individual Approach to each student. Every child here is valued and respected as a unique, distinct personality with his own characteristics, talents, tastes and talents. Lessons are conducted in small classes, and electives are often and completely in mini-groups of 2-5 pupils - this makes it possible for each student to receive a maximum of personal attention from the teacher. Foreign schools know the main thing: the essence of education is not just to put a maximum of knowledge and skills in their heads, but to teach each student to think, analyze, invent reasoning, teach to form their opinion and respect someone else's point of view, and motivate them to achieve higher results and self-development.

  • Independence and discipline

Despite the fact that the children in the boarding independent schools are constantly looked after by teachers and educators, children from early age learn to take care of themselves, including ranking Tasks, determine priorities, and distribute their training and working hours. The choice of subjects in the middle and senior classes also stimulates independence: the right choice of training areas will give an opportunity to qualify for high marks at the time of graduation, and therefore - to choose the most prestigious and rating universities for higher education.

There is a rather strict discipline in private boarding schools - especially in these separate boarding schools (male and female). Smoking, alcohol and drugs are punished, as a rule, with an immediate exception - but no less closely the administration monitors attendance, behavior and level of education, academic achievement.

  • Internationalism as an Important Instrument of Success

Studying at a boarding school abroad, the child constantly interacts with representatives of other countries and cultures. From an early age, students learn to respect others' views, point of view, cultural and religious customs. Over time, everyone can establish useful contacts and acquaintances, and acquire a lot of friends from all over the world.

  • Learning foreign languages

From the previous paragraph, this follows smoothly - linguistic education in foreign schools is at an incomparably higher level than in Russia. Immersed in a new language atmosphere, the student will learn a foreign language much faster and more efficiently than in the best language school in Russia: no even the best teacher will give as much conversational practice as studying abroad. Traditionally, graduates of foreign private boarding schools speak English almost at the level of the carrier, as in their second native language - and also know other foreign languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian or Chinese. Of course, language education will be a competitive advantage in the job placement in the international community.

  • Excellent technical equipment

Foreign schools offer their students the most advanced technical and infrastructure opportunities - alas,the majority of Russian Schools can not boast this. Modern classes with interactive whiteboards, linguaphone rooms, libraries with electronic resources, modern computers and multimedia centers, the latest sports infrastructure and equipment are all that pupils can need for study, recreation and living.

Individual selection of a paid educational institution

If the selection of a foreign boarding school for a catalog is difficult for you for some reason, SMAPSE offers individual consulting. Our specialists are always ready to answer your questions. Do you need a private or independent school, the cost of training in which is acceptable, and programs are effective? We have suitable offers!

You can order individual selection of schools for your child by phone (the company has a free multichannel line), e-mail. For the convenience of customers, Skype communication is also provided.

Do you need quick advice to find out what the selected private school is, the cost of training for the day of booking, etc.? We recommend using the online chat. Our managers will advise you on a specific educational institution, help you understand the intricacies of the programs available in it.

Do you want to send a child to study abroad , but there is no time to independently search and select schools? Order a call back to the SMAPSE. For this, a simple form is provided on the site. Our specialists will contact you in a convenient time for communication, will accept an application for the selection of one of the best educational institution.

Individual consultations in telephone and online mode are provided free of charge. Accordingly, you do not risk the means. Consultations also do not oblige clients to further cooperation. But we are doing our best to meet your requirements, to choose the most effective training programs for the child, taking into account the available budget, priority academic direction and other stated criteria.

The price of tuition in secondary schools abroad, private boarding schools and colleges in Europe and the world

The cost of studying in schools in boarding schools and colleges in Europe and abroad varies depending on the rating of the institution, the results of the examinations of graduates, prestige, history; The average cost of schooling in schools in Europe and abroad (including accommodation and meals):

[ 999.31] Switzerland ] ] [ 999.101] Australia
country price for secondary education
England [999.17 ] 25000-40000 GBP
United States 30000-60000 USD
40000-90000 CHF
Canada 20000-60000 CAD
Malta 20000-35000 EUR
France 24000-45000 EUR
Spain 25000-40000 EUR
[ 999.72] Germany 24000-50000 EUR
Italy 25000-45000 EUR
Austria 30000-67000 EUR
Ireland 25000-45000 EUR
25000-45000 AUD
China 5000-20000 USD

What documents are required for applying to private schools abroad and boarding schools for secondary education programs?

The list of documents varies slightly between schools due to small differences in the work of the admissions offices of educational institutions around the world. But the database of documents - what is required to be collected without fail for admission, remains unchanged:

  • school annual reports (academic year estimates) for the last 2-3 years of study
  • a copy of the student's passport (schoolchild or schoolgirl)
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of mathematics, foreign language, directors, written in free form with translation into English (or any other language of instruction in the country)
  • a certificate of language proficiency (an optional requirement for foreign private schools due to the availability of their own entrance tests)
  • Some private schools in Europe and the world may require a single test Ukiset- before the documents are submitted to the school for consideration by the selection committee (actual for the UK)
  • school registration forms (to be completed by our company)
  • skype interview with the applicant
  • test



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