Secondary English schools in Austria. Study in Austria after 5,6,7 class. List of schools, rating, prices for training

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Education in a country like Austria is recognized as one of the best among European states. The local education system has many supporters and followers, and is also very popular with international students.

The educational system of Austria includes all the traditional stages of education, which also exist in other countries: primary, middle and upper classes. They start their studies in Austria at the age of 6, move to secondary school from the age of 10, and then go on to professional or pre-university training programs. The middle classes in Austria are divided into two types - the school general education program (Hauptschule) and the academic program of the academic level (Allgemein bildende höhere Schulen). Training courses of the second type can have a standard set of studied subjects, and can be with an emphasis on the study of scientific disciplines. In addition, the first program lasts 4 years, and the second, which is considered a complete secondary education - up to 8 years.

The study in a general secondary school or a professional institution ends with the passing of exams for a matriculation certificate of the Austrian model - Matura. This document already gives an opportunity for a foreign student to enter other educational institutions of the country - colleges, institutes, universities.

For foreign students, study in Austria is possible only on a fee basis, but you can choose a public or private institution. Austrian private schools offer their students an excellent education that meets all European standards, as well as programs in English - American, or IB. To communicate with classmates and teachers, it is also desirable for a student to know German, which is not an obligatory requirement for admission, but such a skill can greatly simplify a student's stay abroad.

Secondary education in Austria has a number of advantages: it is an opportunity to get a high-quality European education and get acquainted with the culture of a new country, to get practice of communicating with speakers of two languages ​​- English and German. Finally, one of the most important advantages is the opportunity to continue studying in the Austrian University in the future, because it is in the secondary school in Austria that students can best prepare for admission to a German university.

In this list you will find the best and prestigious educational institutions with secondary schools (English) in Austria, which train Russian and foreign students. Also we have placed for you descriptions, ratings and prices for international programs and the cost of courses for Russian children and schoolchildren, teenagers of foreigners, how to apply for training, student feedback, so that it would be easier for you to choose the most suitable option. Our experts will help you to understand what documents and when to file, what are the requirements for admission. FREE services and assistance in selecting and enrolling in partner institutions, the number of seats is limited.

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