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Prestigious secondary private schools in Austria are rightfully considered to be one of the most prestigious in Europe: they observe the highest academic standards that allow graduates to successfully enter the best world universities. Equally strong is both academic and language training: most often students learn English and German, and full immersion in the language environment helps to quickly overcome the communication barrier, constantly expand the vocabulary. Training in the leading institutions of the country can be conducted in English according to the programIB (International Baccalaureate) , which is recognized by all English-speaking universities in the world. Therefore, the leading Austrian private schools are so necessary for Russian children, schoolchildren of Ukrainians, Kazakhstanis, other teenagers of foreigners as a strong foundation for a future career.

Excellent average private schools and gymnasiums can be found in Vienna - Amadeus International School, in Salzburg - American International School of Salzburg. Elite school for wealthy customers who appreciate the best equipment and equipment, modern equipment, is located in St. Gilgen - Saint Gilgen International School.

Austrian private schools are one of the most equipped and technologically advanced: here everything is aimed at the full development of the personality of each schoolchild in academic, creative, spiritual and physical terms. Austrians are inveterate sportsmen: mountainous regions of the country are extremely popular among fans of hiking, trekking, mountain biking, snowboarding and alpine skiing. Unusually beautiful nature and clean air make the schools, summer camps and boarding houses of the country especially attractive for students from all over the world. Some institutions even offer accommodation in traditional chalet chalets - this is an ideal place for effective learning and comfortable rest.

Give yourself or your child an opportunity to study in Austria. Especially for you, our company has gathered a number of accredited prestigious institutions for your acquaintance. Information about educational institutions you can read by clicking on the photo or title. The detailed information on the prices and the description of training programs is accessible at pressing the program.

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Tuition fees in private schools in Austria

The price of secondary education in Austria in prestigious private schools with boarding and full board varies from 30 000 euros to 55 000 per year.

How to apply for a private school in Austria? What documents and knowledge are needed by the applicant

In order to enroll in a private Austrian boarding school, you will need not only a standard list of documents, but also specific language and academic knowledge.

The main list of required documents for the family:

    [ 999.5] copy of the passport of the passport
  • school yearly scores (tables) for the last 2 academic years + quarterly / trimester grades for the current academic year
  • language certificates (preferably as new as possible so that they are relevant)
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of English and mathematics, sometimes it is possible from the principal
  • motivation letter (not always)
  • registration forms and school forms
  • Skype interview or a personal visit to an educational institution

In addition to the above list, children It is also required to pass the internal tests of the school in mathematics and English to determine if the children are well prepared at the time of enrolling in a private school.

Please note that as official representatives of most of the Austrian private boarding school schools, we help with the free selection and organization of admission to the desired schools for our school children and clients.

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