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Austria - secondary school education. Study at the school in Austria after 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 class. List of schools, rating, prices for training

Education information

The standard of living in Austria is considered to be one of the highest in Europe, and Vienna has repeatedly been recognized as the leader of European capitals for the comfort of living and the beauty of architecture. The ratings of secondary schools and universities in Europe traditionally include Austrian educational institutions, thanks to the highest quality of secondary and higher education and privileges for successful students in paying tuition. Choosing an institution foreducation in Europe , particularly close attention should be paid to Austria.

The main architectural beauties of the country are concentrated in the "musical capital" of Europe - Vienna. Cathedral of St. Stefana attracts many tourists to the city, who dream of seeing medieval buildings, castles, palaces and fortresses of the ancient central European city. Thermal springs, Styrian cathedrals, small picturesque villages and magnificent lakes of Carinthia beckon and fascinate travelers. It was love for Austria dedicated to their immortal works of the giants of musical skill - Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven, Schubert.

Qualitative secondary school education in Austria for Russian children and schoolchildren, as well as for foreigners, is recommended to be received in the period after the 6.7.8 grade (for those who want to feel the school system and join the culture of the country at an earlier stage), and Also after 9 and 10 classes - for those who wish to prepare and enter the international IB program with in-depth study of mathematics and English.

Our services for admission to Austrian private schools are free . We are not mediators.

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Advantages of the Austrian school system

But not only the incredible beauty of natural resources and the variety of architectural styles attract our compatriots. International analytical agencies regularly indicate the Austrian universities among the top-ranking in terms of the quality of education and the possibility of practical consolidation of the acquired specialty. At the same time, training courses for foreign citizens are much lower than in Germany and Switzerland.

Среднее образование в Австрии

A weighty argument in favor of local teaching can be considered the ratio of high quality of life in large cities and low prices for leisure and food. Cultural leisure time and low-budget housing are available to even middle-income students. At the same time, summer German courses, preparatory courses for admission to universities or university education provide an excellent level of knowledge recognized by prestigious educational institutions of the world. You can also apply tostudy abroad after 9th grade .

The main advantages of the educational system in Austria:

  1. Low cost of academic and language courses with the highest quality of education.
  2. Curricula take into account the requirements of world standards, diplomas of private educational institutions are recognized by leading universities and prestigious employers.
  3. There is an opportunity to study at any age.
  4. Availability of language programs "from scratch" and adaptation courses for foreign citizens.
  5. A huge selection of attractions for cultural and educational programs.
  6. The relatively low cost of living and eating.
  7. A wide selection of summer courses for children, youth and adults.

Частные школы в Австрии

Options for obtaining prestigious secondary education in Austria (after 8, 9, 10 classes)

The school system of the country provides for instruction both in German and English (as well as school education in the USA ). The second option in recent years is gaining increasing popularity among Russian and foreign students due to the fact that students have the opportunity to obtain a diplomaIB or high school diploma , accepted in all English-speaking world universities - so higher education in Europe becomes more accessible. High level of teaching is traditionally provided private schools and pensions of Austria, where children are given the most attention both in the educational process and in personal development. In such educational institutions, education is considered prestigious and privileged when enrolling in the world's higher education institutions.

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