Austria - vacations, summer camps for children. List of schools, rating, prices for training

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Austria is located in the heart of Europe, it is a developed and hospitable country with a high standard of living and culture. Many tourists go for thrills: the proximity of the Alps not only provides stunning scenery and clean mountain air, but also a wide range of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, for hiking, climbing and rafting. Also the country is known for its musical, scenic culture: it is the birthplace of the great Mozart, the legendary Vienna Opera and world-famous orchestras and performers. And, of course, here you can spend memorable and bright holidays for schoolchildren.

Many educational centers organize summer children's language camps in Austria, allowing pupils and young people from all over the world to learn English or German and even French languages In combination with an exciting and enjoyable holiday. Most programs are conducted insummer period .

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Summer vacations in the camps of Austria for schoolchildren: training, accommodation, leisure

Most of the Austrian summer language youth camps are located in small towns, often near clear lakes or spectacular mountain peaks. What could be better than waking up and looking at the unique royal outline of the mountains in the window of your own room? Thanks to the excellent network of public transport and the ramifications of the road network from schools, it is easy to reach the main, largest centers of the country - Vienna, Salzburg, Neusiedl.

Accommodation for children is organized most often in a general student residence, with full technical equipment, cozy rest rooms. Many institutions offer students accommodation in traditional alpine chalets or chalets, living rooms with a real fireplace, own lakeside piers and piers.

Детские лагеря в Австрии для детей

Educational children's programs are most often of medium intensity - about 15 academic hours a week, but there are also courses with an intensity of 20-30 hours. The curricula are arranged in such a way that the adolescents have enough time for leisure, walks, meetings with friends, picnics and excursions.

Country of sports opportunities

Thanks to the extremely successful territorial location and proximity of the Alpine Mountains, the participants of the language programs have great opportunities for sports and active recreation. Snow-capped peaks of the mountains attract a huge number of skiers and snowboarders: on a variety of resorts there are trails of varying complexity, training programs and instructors, equipment rentals. Also, the mountainous terrain is attractive for hiking, climbing, sports tourism. Fans of extreme entertainment can also try themselves in mountaineering and climbing (certainly under the constant supervision of professional instructors), rafting down the mountain river (rafting). The purest mountain air will improve the adolescents, add strength, vigor and endurance to them.

Каникулы в лагерях Австрии

Many schools organize integrated or combined camps: in addition to learning English or German, students are offered sports, creative or cognitive electives. The list of additional sessions is huge: from cinematography to rock climbing, for everyone there is an option to your liking.

The cost of vacation programs in summer camps in Austria

In view of the fact that the country has a high standard of living, prices for educational courses are also relatively high. On average, a two-week stay in the camp will cost 1150-1400 euros, depending on the chosen program and institution, its prestige and rating. Nevertheless, the cost fully justifies itself: a vacation in Austria will be remembered for a long time for the student, will present unusual impressions and a sea of ​​new knowledge.

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