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Quality education in Austria is offered by many prestigious schools in the country. Programs that meet international standards help prepare students and students for both local and foreign top universities thanks to the programs (Internatinal Baccalaureate) IB and High School Diploma, which are internationally recognized around the world. Higher education in Austria is able to open up to you ample opportunities for international employment, building a successful career, scientific and research work in the chosen field. Austria is not only a tourist pearl of Europe, famous for ski resorts, musical traditions and original cuisine.

Study in Austria is offered in German and English languages: German programs are offered traditionally in public educational institutions.Private schools , like universities, provide their students with a choice: English, German, and bilingual programs are offered in such schools. Schools also have the opportunity to study and reside in the institution, such institutions areboarding houses - bookings .

Qualification can be obtained classical humanitarian, profile, technical, medical. Higher education in Austria is completely open to foreigners, and you can qualitatively prepare for admission to any of the universities at specialized courses or while studying at a private school.

Austrian educational traditions have a centuries-old history, the country has presented to the world many great scientists in the field of medicine, natural and exact sciences. Today, the educational sector is actively developing, studying in Austria is very attractive: flexible programs with the optimal ratio of cost and level of training allow meeting the academic requirements of the most demanding students.

Admission and enrollment services in Austrian schools through our company -are free. We are not intermediaries . We can also help you with discounts, scholarships for studies, if the child / schoolchild currently has excellent academic performance.

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Structure of education in Austria

Education in Austria is phased: 6 years old children enter primary school, and after 4 years they are given the choice: to receive general secondary or profile training. In the secondary school, the program is designed for 8 years, in the main, in Hauptshule, - at 5. The most prestigious are boarding schools that have the status of gymnasiums.

Обучение в Австрии

The system of higher education in Austria is divided into 3 sectors: for students colleges are opened (they teach pedagogy, social work), universities of arts, higher schools. Distinctive features of universities are a free educational format (choice of priority disciplines, research topics and projects), theoretical bias of extensive profile training. To study in Austria in a higher school is an excellent opportunity to get a practice-oriented education.

Foreign and Russian students also receive private language centers and schools, they offer a large number of courses - they can be profile (including only language modules) and combined. The latter provide an opportunity to combine the improvement of linguistic knowledge with the lessons of the Viennese waltz, the study of music, acquaintance with Austrian culture, gastronomy, history. Learn in Austria is not only effective, but also interesting!

The most popular courses are German, you can also learn English at a high level. Classical and bilingual programs are offered mainly by international language schools and centers.

All popular types of courses are available in the country: for a year (for applicants, for example), vacation, short, general, business vocabulary, corporate. Austrian schools provide their students with everything necessary for effective academic development and rapid language progress.

Школы в Австрии

The advantages of studying in Austria for Russian and foreign students

  • There are many advantages of obtaining education in this country. The country speaks the cleanest, right and melodic German: language courses and school, university programs here will be an excellent choice for those wishing to obtain a diploma in German.
  • The country is practicing the possibility of attending several courses at the same time, at the same time There are more than 300 faculties open to universities, and each student is given the opportunity to study at the same time several of them.Higher education in Europe is distinguished by the complexity and depth of the disciplines studied, and higher education in Austria also supports these principles.
  • The universities of the country can do without knowledge of the German language - you can start studying it at most faculties (except for medical and creative ones) after enrollment.
  • There are no age restrictions for university entrants - you can study in Austria at any age!
  • The cost of study in Austria is lower than in neighboring Germany, the ratio of study in price and quality attracts many Foreign students.
  • The national diploma is quoted in Europe and the world. Highly qualified specialists who received higher education in Austria in German, English or bilingual programs have competitive advantages in the international labor market. Studying in Europe will be the best investment for a future successful career.

Prices for training programs in Austria

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