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Top 20 insitutions abroad and in Europe that offer A-Level. Education for children, students, adults, foreigners and international students abroad and in Europe. List of institutions, ranking, prices

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We offer you to familiarize yourself with the conditions and costs of studying under the A-level program abroad, one of the best options study abroad after 9th grade . The company SMASS specially for you has compiled a complete list of educational institutions for the A-level program abroad, our experts will help you choose the best option. For your convenience, you can select the country of interest in the menu on the left.

Top 20 insitutions abroad and in Europe that offer A-Level. Education for children, students, adults, foreigners and international students abroad and in Europe. List of institutions, ranking, prices

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Structure and stages of the educational program A-Level

The A-Level training course can also be called the second stage of secondary education. After completing the first stage, students can start a career path or continue their studies on the pre-university training program in order to be able to obtain higher education in the future.

The A-Level preparation program is perfect for students who already know which profession they will study at the university. Within the framework of the course, students will have to choose the disciplines suitable for studying - from 3 to 6. Total subjects 45. This list includes all the main general educational disciplines: mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, accounting and economics, entrepreneurship, business, psychology, politics, English literature and so on. However, the number of disciplines studied also often depends on the chosen specialization: for example, for a successful enrollment in a medical faculty, a student will need one set of subjects (biology, chemistry, mathematics, etc.), for economics another (history, finance, foreign language), for the sphere of natural science the third (physics, chemistry, mathematics) and so on.

If, for some reason, a child, a teenager or a student has not yet decided which specialty to apply, then he can choose classical general education disciplines for studying. It is best to choose a course or school, taking into account the specialization to which the program is concentrated - it can be humanitarian sciences, linguistic, natural, design direction and so on. In any case, the more meaningful will be the choice of subjects, the higher the chances of entering the desired university.

The A-Level education program involves two stages: the first year of study is called the Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS), where the students receive in-depth knowledge simultaneously in 4-5 subjects, and at the end of the year take exams. The training load here includes 20-25 hours each week (English + selected disciplines). During the second year, which is called A2-Level, students study 3-4 more subjects, and then they also take exams. The results of each exam are evaluated by a system of letters from A (highest score) to E (lowest score). In addition, students with the best academic performance can get an A + score. In case of successful completion of the final testing at the end of the second academic year, the student already receives an A-Level diploma.

The training format itself usually involves classes in groups, but the students of the A-Level course have the opportunity to ask for individual lessons that will be paid additionally. As part of the program, the guys work both on team projects and on their own, they learn how to create presentations and so on. The variety of educational formats helps yesterday's schoolchildren to better adapt to the tasks that will be at the university. Also, the success of each student is monitored weekly: for this, small tests are conducted that help identify weaknesses and emphasize the right aspect of the English language and the entire training program as a whole.

What you need for admission: requirements for students and documents

Enroll in the A-Level program can foreign students, including Russian, immediately after the end of the 10th or 11th grade of the national school. In order for the student to enroll in this program of pre-university training abroad, he must meet several criteria:

  • Age from 15 to 17 years old
  • The certificate of secondary education with an assessment rating of at least 4.5 points
  • Availability of the IELTS language certificate with a rating of at least 5.0, or a TOEFL certificate with a score of at least 500
  • Letter of recommendation from teachers in 2-3 subjects (it is possible from the head of the school).

In addition, you can apply for A-Level not only to a foreign high school, but also to a college, and sometimes such programs operate at universities. Foreign students can study in this program both in private and in public educational institutions. It is considered that graduates of establishments of the first type receive a higher level of training. However, this statement is more connected with the institution itself - even a state school without a high rating can well prepare a student from any country, including Russia, to successfully enter a foreign university.

The cost of training for the A-level program in Britain

The price of training on this course of pre-university training differs depending on the institution chosen - public or private, located in a city or suburb, a school, college or university, and so on. On average in the UK, the price range of the A-Level program for 1 year will vary from 18 to 30-35 thousand pounds sterling. In addition, in the case of a private school, the cost includes boarding and boarding, and when choosing a state institution, the student and his parents will have to think about placement in addition. The indicated cost also does not include tickets to both sides and the preparation of a study visa.

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