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Study abroad for some remains a dream, for others it becomes a goal. So, you have made a decision to teach a child or to study abroad. We present to your attention the catalog of international educational centers cooperating with our company. Pay attention to the cost of education abroad, the description of schools abroad, their programs, the rating and results of final exams.

In this section you will find boarding schools offering secondary education , colleges , [999.14 ] Universities of all types and categories. Also the list includeslanguage schools abroad and training centers located in large and small cities of developed countries in popular resort areas.

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How much does education cost abroad?

The cost of studying abroad varies and depends on many factors. First of all, the price depends on the respectability and reputation of the institution, whether it is a private school, a boarding house, a university, a children's camp or an educational center. An important factor is also the percentage of graduates who later come to the top institutions of the world and Europe. If we are talking about universities, in this case it is the percentage of students who received invitations to work. It is also necessary to consider the location - the location of the institution, accommodation - far from the school / university, or on its campus, whether food or insurance is included in the cost of payment.

If we talk about price formation approximately (prices may differ with years), then depending on the country of study and type of educational institution, the cost is as follows:

[ 999.13] Primary and secondary education, price per year (full board) [999.32 ] [ 999.98] 24000-45000 EUR Germany ] 120-1000 EUR ]
Program prices in countries Adult courses, price per week Camps for children and pupils, price per week (full board) Higher education, price per year
England120-1000 GBP 500-1500 GBP 25000-40000 GBP 11000-30000GBP
United States 120-1000 USD
700-2000 USD 30000-60000 USD 11000-30000USD
Switzerland 120-1000 CHF 1600-4000 CHF 40000- 90000 CHF 15000-50000CHF
Canada 120-1000 CAD 700-1500 CAD 20000-60000 CAD 20000-40000CAD [ 999.73]
Malta 120-1000 EUR 250-800 EUR 20000-35000 EUR [999.85 ] 10000-40000EUR
France 120-1000 EUR 500-1200 EUR 10000-40000EUR
Spain 100-1000 EUR 500-1200 EUR 25000-40000 EUR [ 999.113] 120-1000 EUR 600-1400 EUR 24000-50000 EUR 2000-30000 EUR
Italy 120-1000 EUR
[ 999.138]
500-1200 EUR25000-45000 EUR 5000-40000 EUR
Austria 120-1000 EUR [ 999.152]
600 to 1200 EUR 25000-45000 EUR 25000-40000EUR
Australia120-1000 AUD 500-1200 AUD 25000-45000 AUD 25000-45000AUD
] China 120-1000 USD 600-1200 USD 5000-20000 USD 4000-15000 USD
If you did not find the country of your interest in the list above, please check the price information in the "countries "or contact us for more detailed advice.

The catalog can be used in 24/7 mode, its sections describe educational institutions abroad having different ratings, degree of fame, material basis. Recommends its customers only the schools, universities, colleges, language training centers, and also includes children's language camps operating both on vacation and all the year round.

Образование за рубежом

Using the catalog, choosing a school for studying abroad

Training centers abroad are numerous and varied. On the pages of the presented catalog we sorted them by name. Also for the convenience of users in the section provides the ability to quickly search: for this it is enough to mark the priority on the left panel of the site, the language of instruction and the desired program.

The list also allows for thematic sorting of data. At the top of the left panel, you can select (select) the country, the curriculum (schooling, language courses for certain categories of students, bachelor's, master's degrees, vacation courses, preparation for the university, etc.), type of educational institution.

Each sample includes a list of educational institutions abroad that match the parameters specified by the user's catalog. To get acquainted with the description of a particular university, school or children's camp, just click on the name of the institution.

Educational institutions abroad: types and features of training

In the catalog Smapse offers you a large number of establishments. They are divided into several types: we sorted the options as follows:

Those who wish to send school-age children to study abroad are available from the list of private institutions of the appropriate type, drawn up by the experts of the SMAS. In the category of "boarding schools" we have combined classical schools and international colleges, each of which has its own characteristics. But there are several similarities in the institutions represented.

Among them are the quality of education, the main accents of training programs. The latter provide for the orientation towards the development of the personality of the child, the disclosure of his creative and academic potential. In any of the schools represented in the catalog, children not only receive fundamental knowledge in scientific disciplines: they learn to analyze information, correctly formulate judgments, express their opinions, develop decision-making skills.

Social skills students also acquire in day schools (programs with residence in the family). Emphasis on personal development is also being made in foreign universities. Smapse recommends for education only those educational institutions abroad that are capable of 100% meet the academic needs of a modern child, adolescent, young specialist.

учебные учреждения за рубежом

Study abroad in a language school

The list includes a large number of language schools. We recommend our clients for study in Europe mainly large educational centers with a developed branch network - training in such schools allows not only to improve the skills of a foreign language, but also to travel in the chosen country without interrupting training.

In our catalog the centers of language preparation for adults, children and teenagers, universal establishments are presented. With the peculiarities of the work of the chosen school, available for booking programs, the material and technical base of the campus, the terms of training you can find on the page of the school.

Do not know where to start when selecting a language training center? Contact our online consultant. Specialist of SMASS will individually select for you convenient and profitable options for studying a foreign language in a priority country.

Choosing the right institution with Smapse

Quality education is the foundation of a successful future. We offer you a convenient and comfortable choice of materials, tools for laying this foundation. SMAPS allows you to select institutions quickly and taking into account important parameters for you.

Our catalog will be useful for those who wish to independently study the range of offers from schools, universities or language centers. It is convenient and easy to use, maximum informative.

If on the pages of the portal you do not find answers to interesting questions about studying abroad, our specialists are always ready to provide expert online, telephone consultation. The managers of the SMASS are always connected: for communication with experts you can use the available telecommunication channels: telephone (multi-channel toll-free number, callback order), Internet (e-mail, Skype, online request forms on the site).

Our portal allows you to select schools, universities, programs for free on an individual basis. All information about institutions and courses is relevant. We regularly supplement, update sections, so that your choice of study programs abroad was as comfortable as possible.

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